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Design Yahoo Mail Is Now With Us

About a month ago, reports came that Yahoo is getting ready to launch a major designer of Yahoo Mail to better compete with Gmail. That day is now.

Design was announced by CEO Marissa Mayer himself.

“Email is an everyday habit of late,” he said. “It is often the first thing we checked out in the morning and last thing before bed. Why? Because it is one of the simplest and most basic communication. And because it is an integral part of our daily lives, we make some improvements in Yahoo! Mail. ‘

Yahoo is touting the speed, ease of use, and availability of the cross as a selling point.

“You told us loud and clear that you want a bit of a nuisance when it comes to email,” added Mayer. “You want to quickly enter, talk, and continue your day. And we listened. Starting today, the new Yahoo! Mail is fast, easy, and available wherever you go. The improvements that are available on all major platforms:. Web, Windows 8, iPhone / iPod touch and Android “

Yahoo Mail and Messenger GM Vivek Sharma talk more about the victims of the Yahoo Mail blog.

“You can easily scan your inbox and fast triage – starring important messages that need follow-up, submit a message to a folder and delete unnecessary – all from your inbox. With infinite scroll, you can quickly find emails from the last month or even last year, “he said. “We also reduce steps to save you time. When you log in to Yahoo! Mail on the Web, it will take you straight to your inbox. We tweaked the performance of the underlying so much faster to write and read messages. When you send the message, now we take you right back to the inbox. Together, working to save the 36 million minutes every day. ‘

Search also been improved, the addition of auto-complete, and the ability to search the inbox on the mobile application.

“The images and attachments now appears at the top of your message,” added Sharma. “With iPhone and Android, you can easily attach pictures directly from your camera roll, or and send photos from within Yahoo! Mail. In fact, there is a simple way to re-size the images, which is important if you are watching your data usage. ‘

Windows 8 users can use the Live Tile displays a new message arrives on the home screen, and can use Yahoo Mail or snapped View Content View.

Design is rolling in the next few days “most” users. Mobile application can be downloaded from their respective markets.

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Wajam hit the iPhone, Adds Friends To Search In Google Maps, Safari

Find providers Wajam Social Affairs launched the iPhone with new features, add recommendations from your friends directly with Google Maps, and Safari on the iPhone.

“This achievement is that we can incorporate social content in third-party applications (Google Maps, and Safari), something that is impossible with the current SDK Apple,” says CEO Martin-Luc Archambault WebProNews. “We have a patent pending on this technology.”

Here’s a look:

“I think the apps should interact between each other and I think this release, we show how amazing your phone to Apple, Facebook and Google are your friends and want to do business together, “Archambault added.

Wajam take advantage of your friends from Twitter, Facebook and Google + search results.

The company said in a blog post:

New mobile enhanced version Wajam TRUSTe certified, increases the maximum security certification from TRUSTe, McAfee and Norton that we received for our Social Search Everywhere browser extensions.

To use Wajam iPhone, just go to from your device.

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The WebProNews 2008 Predictions List

These prognostications canned chicken soup last in the closet every writer, and we had a bowl of it for you.

So 2008 in WebProNews land, which is now appropriate season as Tom Brady jersey (which is 12 for you non-sports fans.) This is the beginning of the year is a good time to predict what might happen in the year.

Rough as webmasters thought they would have it in Google with paid links in 2007, we think Google is playing rough in 2008. Only needs approval from the European Union to complete their acquisition of DoubleClick is approved in the U.S..

When that happens, and we thought it was, according to the Google PageRank websites doing the same configuration graphical display ads on what they believe to be of low quality goals. Webmasters will long for the days when it was just a text link undergo this treatment.

Here is something that we do not think it will happen – Yahoo is not going anywhere. Not at Microsoft. Not in Google. Not the Martin Sorrell and WPP, or anyone else. Being second in search market share and has a display ad business can bring brand names on this page may not be sexy, but bring Yahoo revenue.

Another thing we see – Powerset launch to the public. Natural language search engine loses CEO in November 2007. Although they offered us a peek at the site last month, Powerset never followed up. Natural language search is hard, kids. Many favorable press hype can not negate it.

Won’ts enough. We thought we would see the Hollywood writer’s first attempt disappointment shows on the internet because they do not create content that they control, rather than a studio.

But do not expect two and a half hours of a summer blockbuster that appear on the web. We thought a series of short episodes from 7 to 8 minutes with the participants name star, and adequate financial support to provide high-quality production of the show, it can cause a person to become the first Tony Gilroy High.

We also expect Microsoft to reorg Net brands again and shuffle people, down, in, and out of MSN and Windows Live. The company has suspended two brands to promote. It makes more sense for Microsoft to promote Windows Live MSN than as a name, so we think the transition to a unique identification must take place in 2008.

Although popular now, Facebook is increasingly vengeance in 2008. In a region adopt someone older models require Facebook. Edu email address for membership in social networking sites, generate some buzz, and start grabbing members before them on Facebook.

We are now predicting this article has expired. Hey, come true! If you have a prediction, drop it in the comments.

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The Live Action Trailer for Assassin Creed Do most Polarizing

Perform live action trailer for a video game work? I mean, I’ve worked with Bethesda assigned to Skyrim, but hopes to play assassin creed at least as much, if not more. Of course, the view that the trailer gives the idea to look for a full blown movie titles advertised, and while certainly possible for AC universe, almost misleading in a sense.

Live action trailer for Assassin’s Creed III, which naturally does not show much in the way of gameplay, dedicated to some of the characters players will find, while giving us an idea of ​​what motivates the type of rebellion is needed to start a revolution, or leading one of the Kingdom England alone. For those of you wondering about the heavy price of patriotism on display, Ubisoft released a trailer Faith III killer live act on the Fourth of July, and considering AC3 address the subject, only to no avail. Description text that follows the trailer just adds to the idea that “stand up for your freedom”:

To enhance freedom, oppressor must occur. Blood was shed, sacrifices will be made, but the idea that we all strive to live forever. Assassins creed III shows us that the smallest act can trigger a fire that burned the revolution: a soldier fighting for his country: a priest struggling with his faith faith to follow: a mother wants to kill to protect her son, a lone assassin, fighting for freedom and justice.

The strongest weapon against tyranny is the will of the people … It is time to rise.

The reaction to the trailer seems a little warmer, at least on YouTube. The ratio of like-for-like is 407-161. Is it because of the nature of misleading trailers or live action video game coming British … YouTube did not like the topic?

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