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Yahoo Small Changes To Make Ad Layout

According to Yahoo! Search Engine Roundtable with some minor changes to the layout of the advertisement SERPs (Search Results Pages Engine), and also reduce the number of ads that appear in the SERPs. They have now moved to the position of the display URLs in the description. Ad layout is now contains advertisements only three, rather than four the previous layout.

Here is a picture of ‘Old Layout’:

If you’ll look closely at the picture above, you can see that the URL to display ads related to the description. Also, there are four ads in the console.

Now look at the ‘Layout Improvement’:

In this picture you can see the display URL is moved under the description and also the console only three ads today.

There are some interesting posts on Search Engine Roundtable Forum. Here are some excerpts from the thread:

“Overnite, it looks like Yahoo has made another big change in their sponsored ads. With some keywords I follow usually shows 4 ads above the organic results, now only three – very consistent! Also, the ads seem to be more compact at the same time (closer together), but larger (current URL on its own line). Yahoo could eventually looks better money, and now to show fewer ads. You can verify anyone else? ‘

“I see now, blogging. Thank you! ‘

New change is a classic example of Yahoo! follow every step of Google. Now, the way I see it, if it is not a copycat, I do not know what is.

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ComScore Yahoo in February coup Rating Explained!

comScore online video ranking since February were released earlier today and perhaps the most famous super-list Yahoo surge second highest brand when, last month, Yahoo will not be found in the list of comScore.

Now, though, Yahoo will share their secrets of successful online video: it owes to the partnership between a web and ABC News announced all the way back in October 2011. In a blog post earlier today, ABC News Digital Senior Vice President Joe Ruffolo said, “This relationship is more successful than we ever dreamed.”

Among U.S. news site, Yahoo, ABC partners now tops the list of online news outlets video.

The Huffington Post The following video explains Ruffolo success of partnerships.

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UK Copyright Piracy Case extradited to the U.S.?

Twenty-three-year copyright infingment Richard O’Dwyer faces charges in the United States after a British judge ordered for him to be prosecuted there. O’Dwyer accused of operating a website that allegedly making thousands in advertising when linking viewers to pirated TV shows and feature films.

This news while Congress continues to debate new legislation aimed at combating piracy overseas. The 23-year lawyer, Ben Cooper found O’Dwyer would not violate the law. Cooper cites other rare sites that redirect users to secure materials, notably Google and Yahoo.

The case should have interesting implications for the “Stop Online Piracy Act” and “Protect-IP” bill.

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Twitter wants you to send emails Tweet Non-Twitter-Using Friends

Twitter only gives users a new way to share their favorite tweets.

Rolling in the next few weeks, optional feature that allows users to share a tweet via email, even if the recipient is not a member of Twitter.

“[W] e’re introduced the ability to Tweet directly from email – scrolling feature everyone in the coming weeks. Tweet You can email to anyone, whether they use Twitter or not, straight from your Twitter stream or from any Tweet details view. Just click on the “More” next to the answer, the favorite for the Tweet tweet and email to someone you know. You can add your own comments, and send us an email with comments and Tweets. Similarly, “Twitter said.

What is good for the user, in this case, is also good for Twitter. What better way to recruit more users than the existing user to reach you? Now, if a non-Twitter users can see funny tweet email them and think “Hey, I really need to look at Twitter.” Twitter, for one, never shy about promoting their services via email.

Email sharing not only the recent announcement from Twitter. The company launched a new version of their iOS and Android apps that increase when the tab discover and search functions.

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Tiger Woods porn release during Masters

If you think any “Tiger Woods” would make a great porn name, you may not be far away as you think. A Tiger Woods-themed porn to be released featuring three real-life porn star mistresses Tiger.

Devon James, Holly Sampson and Joslyn Kames would put the Stars in: The film was released on April 3, during the Masters “3 Mistresses Tale of the World’s greatest golfer known.”.

Tiger is on a hot streak since recovering from disasters sex hurt the game a few years ago. He is expected to do well in this year’s Masters, a tournament he won in 2005. That is, if he is not preoccupied with the details of repeated extramarital sex life public, by a woman who had sex with.

The film featured an in-depth Q & A with the stars, to discuss the sense of explicit detail Tiger Room, followed by a screen reenactments approach between the sheets.

“Every time that three women get together to talk about the same people, the result is more attractive,” says the film’s director, B. Skow. “Today, when women also occurs in the stars adult sex for a living, and they express the same person, you can be sure they fully share everything.”

Woods will not be happy with this situation, let alone time. Legendary golfer finally get the swing back after scandal caused panic. Fans who enjoy looking back into shape, while others just want to see another fall from grace.

This movie might be a hit. You can not overestimate the public interest in the sex lives of celebrities’, just look at the success of Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson sex tape. The question is, Woods can maintain focus while others cash in on guilt?

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