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Transformers: FOC Metroplex Release Another Trailer

For those of you who do not know, the Metroplex is a bad ass. He was a giant-sized Autobot city can make the entire building with a swipe of the arm. According to Japanese Transformers story he is over 800 meters (2,400 feet). Gigantic any way. He was in this game is fantastic in most Transformers fans.

The new trailer was released on Playstation Blog indicates Optimus Prime is called the Metroplex to help him, even though he has met with an overwhelming Autobot. It shows Optimus ordered him to help and then showed Metroplex transformed into robot mode and say pretty dang wonderful men in High Studios decided to put him in the game “high behavior Metroplex call from last prime. “;. But it’s only fair sinus biggest rival, Trypticon, in the final game.

Here’s hoping that the game 3 we can see that the power of Unicron.

Here’s a new trailer entitled “Through The Matrix” refers to the Metroplex Optimus did not know existed, but felt that he was there by the Matrix of Leadership:

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Vice Presidential Debate Saw 3.5 Million Tweet

Presidential Debate last week’s record-breaking first Twitter. With more than 10 million tweets a whole come from beginning to end, it became the most tweeted about events in U.S. politics. To live is the Vice President of the kind of debate chatter of social media?

Not any more. But it draws a crowd is amazing.

Twitter confirmed that the VP debate last night to collect a total of 3.5 million tweets from beginning to end. When time is not a factor, 4 million tweets are sent on Joe Biden and Paul Ryan competition.

According to Twitter, 26% of the policy concerns tweet country, 21% is about the economy, and 16% specifically dealt with the subject of taxes. Twitter also highlighted the peak moments in the debate Biden “Now you are ready to Jack Kennedy? ‘” Tweet every minute. “Suggestive won the night with a surge of 58,275 TPM. Paul Ryan’s statement that “they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar for Medicare in the piggy bank for Obamacare” was second, with 55,540 TPM.

Twitter also recognizes the keywords true tonight. Not surprisingly, it is “nonsense.”

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What happens to AT & T and T-Mobile Now? Congressman Boucher Weighs In

Last month, AT & T got away to buy T-Mobile USA from Duetsche Telekom after much criticism, particularly from the Department of Justice and the FCC. Merger receive a lot of support, but critics proved difficult.

Are you for or against AT & T / T-Mobile merger? We want to know.

Former Congressman and Internet Innovation Alliance Honorary Chairman Rick Boucher supports the merger, as he explained in an earlier interview with WebProNews, because she believes it will help spur innovation, economic development, and employment. We recently spoke with him again to discuss the implications of the deal not going through.

“I was not surprised by the decision given what happened before the time the application is withdrawn,” the congressman said.

He went on to explain that the merger would bring If you recall, one aim of the merger is to bring high-speed broadband connection to 97 percent of the U.S. in 6 years’ improvements we desperately need. “Which is almost met President Obama’s broadband plan. Since the deal fell threw, deputy Boucher told us that, in order to meet the President’s goal, the government had to intervene in investments.

“At a time of concern about deficit spending, investment is hard to find,” he said.

For AT & T, deputy Boucher told us that he thought the company would still try to meet the goals set by the merger in mind, but it will take longer than six years to fill. With T-Mobile, AT & T will save a significant effort to enable 4G, but now need to produce its own currency.

“My guess is AT & T, at this point, focus on strengthening the core network build 4th generation technology slowly with the market, because it is an opportunity for investment to achieve the highest level of return, “certain members of the Congress. “Instead of going to the country in 6 years, there is no doubt that the merger occurred, which can now take a little time.”

Some reports said that AT & T is talking to some of the owners of 700 MHz licenses and the process took as part of a backup plan in case of T-Mobile deal fell threw. It may well be true because companies need more spectrum.

Congress is also optimistic about T-Mobile said it is in, however, “strong position in a practical competitor.” He said it was a challenge to the deployment of 4G.

“The challenge facing the T-Mobile is getting the capital needed to use the 4th generation technology across the network,” he explained.

While AT & T must pay T-Mobile $ 4 billion ($ 3 billion cash and $ 1 billion spectrum right), members of Congress saying that T-Mobile will still need a lot more more funding. What’s more is that the parent company of T-Mobile, Deutsche Telekom, said that, before the merger, they want out of the U.S. market and will not invest more. If this is the case, T-Mobile may have a tough road to continue.

Because the future of T-Mobile is still in question, there is some speculation about whether or not AT & T will make another attempt to buy the company. Congressman Boucher told us that, at this point, it seems that the company is heading in two different directions.

Sprint also been touted as a potential buyer of T-Mobile, but the thought of Congress as merger deal with the same scrutiny that the AT & T / T-Mobile made.

“I think it is hard for one of the big carriers to buy T-Mobile, given the position of the Justice Department and the FCC,” he said.

Speaking of big carriers, he said it was “impossible” for Verizon to make such a purchase. If the carrier were to buy it, Congress thought it was much smaller than T-Mobile.

Another possibility is to sell T-Mobile section, which is not what Congress Boucher consider to be a good decision.

“This is a world where the dominant business,” he said. “I think Deutsche Telekom will make a decision very carefully based on the relative value of the business offer is made.”

In terms of the mobile industry as a whole, Congress Boucher told us that the merger is not going through negative for cell phones, consumer, and the economy.

“Long-term effect is that we get the deployment of the 4th generation with 97 percent of the American public over the next decade and a half,” he said. “I think this is a huge negative impact.”

“Wireless technology the answer,” he added. “We will bring broadband to broadband have-nots – I’m not sure what the answer is now.”

What do you think the next step is not only AT & T and T-Mobile, but also in the mobile industry? Please share your thoughts.

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Recover Lost Yahoo Video Multiple Audiences in April to May

comScore has released an online video ranking sites in the United States for the month of May 2012 and appears to better news for Yahoo. According to comScore reported last week that Yahoo eventually slow the search precipitous loss of market share in May, the video site rankings this month shows that Yahoo seems to get back in May, some viewers were lost in April . Viewers total unique company is still not restored to 60 million viewers in March, but at least Yahoo seems heading in that direction.

Google sites, including YouTube is very popular, has lost about 6 million viewers in May, which may or may not have anything to do with Yahoo climbing back to number in March. Then again, one of the reasons that Yahoo made some significant catches in May May be something to do with the fact that it offers more than 100 million video more in May than it did in April .

In another change from April, Microsoft bumped a place on Facebook, Viacom bumped a place on AOL, News Distribution Network met with both Amazon and Hulu.

The top five online video ad properties unchanged from April to May and five second shift about very little. Hulu remains the top video property by adding about 69 million ads in May, amounting to nearly 55 million minutes of commercial. Hulu also delivered the highest frequency of video ads to viewers with an average of 56. In other words, Hulu actually try to give your television experience with a lot of advertising.

Also of note, comScore says that video ads consideration for 21.6% of all videos viewed and 1.9% of all minutes spent viewing video online. The longer the average online video about 6:30 pm, the video ads on average takes about 12 seconds. The number of video ads to be posted can create a new record, exceeding 10 billion for the first time.

Continue to dominate VEVO ranked among YouTube Channel Partner. While it has added nearly 27 million new video in May, actually it has lost more than 600,000 unique viewers. Except for the last two places in the top ten YouTube channel, ranking remains the same for May.

Although there is some variation in the ranking of May, the month of April comScore notes that the U.S. audience for online video remains the same at 84.5%.

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Woman tased After Trying to Buy iPhone Too Much

If you do your Christmas shopping in Nashua, hew Hampshire this year, you should know that they may not be the Apple Store sells more than two iPhone, no matter how hard you plead. In fact, they’re probably just going to call the police and eventually begins tased.

At least that’s what happened to Li Xiaojie. When escorted the Apple Store in the second largest city in the state, police used violence to subdue after they claim he resisted arrest.

According to WCVB, these events all centered around the Li desire to buy iPhone some for his family back in China. When we said “some” we mean a lot. Li reportedly carrying $ 16,000 in cash at the time of his arrest.

It all started when Li bought two iPhones last Friday, which happened to a maximum of stores. He seems to be confronted with a video store manager that he had taken which should show another customer is allowed to buy more than two iPhones. He was asked to leave the store.

A few days later, Li returned to the iPhone over he will order online. When he refused to leave the store, the authorities were notified.

Li and his daughter to blame all the language barrier, as Li only spoke Chinese and said he did not understand any Apple Store or employee of the police are talking about. He was charged with two misdemeanors as a result of the incident.

limit the iPhone? Tasings? The possibility of excessive force by local police manual? This is shaping up to be a banner holiday season, people.

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