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You can contribute to Sandy Hurricane Relief With eBay, PayPal

As Americans hit hardest by the superstorm week begin cleaning, long a difficult process – they will need all the help they can get. Since most of us can not physically help them select pieces, monetary donations to charity can take the preferred method of relief.

And now you can help with relief efforts using eBay and PayPal.

eBay created a special page Hurricane Sandy where users can browse items that relate to the benefits of Sandy charity. Here’s how it works, according to a blog post:

“EBay Giving Works has launched a special website Sandy Storm, where consumers can buy products marked with yellow and blue ribbons. This icon indicates that between 10% to 100% of the final selling price of the item, as determined by the seller, will go to one of the dozen or charitable organizations working in the affected areas, such as the American Red Cross. Ebay fee credited to the seller in proportion to the amount contributed each vendor transaction is complete, with 100% of the proceeds are sent to the designated nonprofit. ‘

In the treatment page, featured items marked exactly how much the price will go to charity and each item detail if the charity will receive the funds. Currently, the American Red Cross is a list of the most benefited them, with more than 10,000. Other charities such as the Humane Society, WorldVision, and the Salvation Army also has thousands of listings.

If you are not interested in buying or selling items for charity, and you just make a donation, you can do so using PayPal hub.

“First of all, our thoughts to those who feel the devastation caused by these storms, including our employees, our users and our partners,” said Sean Miliken, eBay Inc.. Nonprofit Strategy Director. “We are constantly inspired and humbled by the generosity of the eBay and PayPal. When the need is greatest, they have proven time and again that individual actions much kindness can be a great force for good. ‘

Starting today, you can make a donation using iTunes.

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Consider YouTube Content Subscription

YouTube may consider adding a subscription streaming platform content, in an effort to draw video from larger media companies. Any potential deal will not affect existing content with all kinds paywall, but you can ask YouTube to include offers live sports, music and entertainment, according to the New York Post.

Reported recent history free video platform Hulu is moving toward users to verify their account by entering the account number in the paid service from satellite or cable providers. Pay the Netflix service has resulted in a new Arrested Development season, and although Amazon has said the conversation about creating their own original series. No word on whether YouTube will investigate the creation of original content, but the big media companies who are tired of posting their performances on the platform for free, ad considering only YouTube’s business model, despite the fact that 800,000 0.000 users of the river about three billion hours of video per month, ad sales projected at $ 2 billion to $ 3 billion per year.

Ownership of Google’s YouTube currently has a movie rental service, and also stream pay-per-view game of cricket in partnership with WillowTV. Salar Kamangar CEO hinted at a premium subscription service to be an industry event in January – “We are the media platform and we want to have a business model that the demand of media partners.”

A YouTube spokesman on the matter, “We have long maintained that the contents require different types of payment models. What is important that, whatever the model, we were successful platform creators and viewers will find more content to watch “, adding” There are many content creators we believe that they benefit from subscriptions. ‘

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This Robot Is Really Good In Exploring barriers

DARPA has uploaded a new video of her animals Proto (predecessor to his robot Atlas) barriers encountered, which is said to “be like the robot encountered the DARPA Challenge Robotics. View:

“To maneuver over and around obstacles, including the ability to use the robot autonomous decision-making, mobility and agility down,” DARPA said in the description for the clip on YouTube.

The challenge starts on Wednesday, and is scheduled to run for approximately 27 months. The event is planned for June 2013, December 2013 and December 2014.

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The Stones Go Social on YouTube

Hot on the heels of the Rolling Stones documentary Shine a Light Martin Scorese, “living legend” worked himself to YouTube to interact with fans with some Q & A.

The cool thing about this story is to step back and appreciate the iconic band using social media technology to interact with fans. This is a totally new concept in half a century they became musicians, and to be honest the fact that they still care enough about the fans to do it rather refreshing.

Participants were asked the band about topics such as piracy, the musical influences, and how they think they do when they began their careers at the mercy of the judge American Idol. Guitarist Keith Richards, in turn, asked the question of fans via video on YouTube: “What do you want to hear next?”

If you want to see some of the specific questions and answers that happens, check out the YouTube Channel Living legend. If you want to answer Keith, you can do it there. Personally, I’d like to hear them try to meet hip-hop. Maybe some speed metal. Just kidding.

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Ubisoft Uplay Being Digital Distribution Platform

Gamescom 2012 showing some major announcements, some more revealing than E3 this year. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the show, though, not directly about the video game.

Today Ubisoft announced that its Uplay digital rights management (DRM) system has become another publisher-specific digital distribution platform for PC. Uplay Uplay game launcher now replacing the individual is required to play modern games Ubisoft. This software will integrate Uplay enabled game player and, of course, have an online store, a friends list, a chat system, and success.

Electronic Arts (EA) has released a digital distribution platform, Origin, a year ago on many of the same features. All of these features, however, modeled after the most famous and widely used platform for today’s PC digital distribution, steam valve.

To get PC players to download the new Uplay platform, Ubisoft almost giving away for free. Starting today and ending on Sunday, Uplay sell some games to $ 1 (€ 1 in Europe). Game, to this day they are sold, are: HAWX 2, From Dust, Silent Hunter 5, and Driver: San Francisco. Some other Ubisoft games, like Assassin creed franchise, will be sold for 75% off for a limited time.

“PC Uplay is a great way for customers to find Ubisoft games, connect with their friends and the gaming community, and win achievements and content not available anywhere else.” Said Stephanie Perotti, worldwide online gaming director for Ubisoft. “For players of the PC fans of Ubisoft titles or are considering trying some of our classic, this promotion is a great deal, and our way of saying thanks for their support. “

When Electronic Arts launched Origin distribution platform, will soon stop offering games for download through other digital distribution of PC systems. Is Ubisoft will follow the same path is unknown, but it has become afraid players are required to have a different distribution platforms and store to play the game they want. Assassin creed III listed on the steam store, but it is not available for pre-order and the release date listed for the title obsolete.

Check the trailer for the new Ubisoft Uplay to see how the service will look like:

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