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WHERE name to PayPal Media Ad Network

Has just announced the official PayPal blog advertising is WHERE platform renamed Media Networks PayPal. About a year ago, a local trading company eBay acquired WHERE, one of the largest mobile advertising network based on location, and change the name implies further integration with the family of eBay / PayPal.

The new PayPal Media Network name that describes the evolution of multi-channel advertising platform offered to members of the retail network of PayPal. The mobile device will affect all point of sale more and more, and Walt Doyle, PayPal GM Media Network, states that “A consumer can begin their journey to buy a store, phone, on their desktop, or tablet, dealing with the same brand or products in a variety of media and devices to discover, research, price checks, etc.. – The boundaries between the physical and digital purchase funnel has gone and bought a pretzel! No e-commerce, offline commerce, m-commerce – a simple trade “.

PayPal Media Network affords marketers the opportunity to reach consumers in all lines of trade flourished, and in harmony with, BML, and RedLaser, among others, for better material relevant and targeted local advertising. WHERE Networks (former) currently reaches nearly 70 million subscribers in the U.S. Ion through affiliate networks, and expanding rapidly through eBay. PayPal Media Network is just one of paypal service capabilities come rolling company, and praised following a new card reader system PayPal, himself a competitor System Card Reader Square.

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Yahoo Director Leaving Chaos At the center

An open seat Yahoo’s board of directors that the company has revealed Ed Kozel decided to press the Eject button.

A person is not stuck around to help deal with Jerry Yang and Yahoo with Carl Icahn proxy fight to remove Yahoo’s board supports Microsoft group were more than friendly. Kozel ended nearly eight years of presence on the board with his resignation yesterday.

PaidContent says Kozel expressed a desire to spend more time with his family as a reason to come. Microsoft’s acquisition of the business and subsequent Icahn’s bid to control the Yahoo delayed what could be an early departure for him.

Related 8-K filing on changing said Kozel had planned to leave the board in February. He wanted to move his family to Europe.

Yahoo also moved to reduce the board of directors may Kozel 10 people to 9 to exit. Icahn had to remove a man from stones chosen to match the updated Yahoo directors.

The whole kerfuffle Yahoo still negotiations between the company and Microsoft, but not for the wholesale acquisition of Yahoo at this time. Instead, Microsoft wants to take Yahoo’s search and contextual advertising business.

All Things D says discussions at Microsoft must have an element of “adult supervision” in the future. Happy, institutional investors are more durable touch with Microsoft and not enjoy a hefty premium to Yahoo evaporate before their eyes.

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Yahoo and ABC News Team Up On News Content and Advertising

Yahoo announced this morning that it has entered into a strategic alliance with ABC News to join the best of Yahoo, breadth of content and technology at ABC brand, global anchor and news-gathering operation.

Here’s what it includes:

ABC News is the leading provider of news at Yahoo News

ABC Yahoo today launched

New original web series featuring the anchor of ABC News. It begins with a program called “Newsmakers,” “around the world with Christiane Amanpour,” and “To Big” Others will follow in the coming months ..

The editorial team of two media organizations are working together to develop content news.

The sales team will collaborate on advertising solution.

Are both maintain editorial control of their own merits.

“Yahoo! committed to building the richest set of premium and personalized content experiences for users. Our deep collaboration with ABC News further strengthens Yahoo! as the No.. 1 online news source, greatly enhance our already robust news content, “said Ross Levinsohn, executive vice president of America at Yahoo. “ABC News and Ben Sherwood vision is truly symbiotic us, together we can create an interesting experience for the more than 100 million users each month that set the standard for the industry.”

“This relationship will give ABC News an unrivaled ability to reach across the Web, including the distribution of Yahoo! ‘s broad and cutting-edge technology with our award-winning journalism. Over the years, we have proudly proclaimed that more Americans get their news from ABC News than any other source, “said ABC News President Ben Sherwood. “Going forward, we are greatly expanding leadership by building a connection to an entirely new audience online.”

Yahoo obviously did not tell them to slow deficiency CEO.

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Tax Season 2012: W2 deadline

If you do not receive your W-2 in the mail today, do not blow the fuse. According to IRS regulations, employers have until January 31 to get your W-2s in the mail. Most have to come now, but surrendered to open the mail before you start calling employers, former employers even.

Easy to say, “The rules say …”. But, let’s be honest. Being a jerk to some harried office workers for the same reason as you do to be happy in his work likely will only start to produce something “lost in the mail”.

Once you arrive W2, look at that. Your Social Security number is correct? Is every hand written on W2?

Mistakes are the two biggest reasons you can refuse a refund loan, if you are planning to do such a thing.

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