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Universities Use Social Networks for Screening Applicants

When we were kids, we say high school, you do not always consider the potential consequences for all your actions, especially in your career. This is even more true when you do not have an idea of ​​what to do with your life. When I was in high school, I do not know that I will eventually write for publication online. I do not know where I go to college. I enjoyed the social network is not in existence yet (I do not recognize any foul behavior).

Facing say it. As some of smart kids, they do not always use their brains, and it would be a shame if some irregularities of judgment negatively affect the rest of their lives, particularly if these irregularities can be easily avoided in By not posting incriminating pictures MySpace / Facebook.

Unfortunately, some universities do not see it the same way, and screening of applicants using social networking profile (yes, yes …. Facebook is not a social network). To be fair, I do not know how strong they are researching this profile. If people post photos of themselves with illegal weapons such as YouTube that got broken, that’s something, but it’s another if the child using profanity on their MySpace page or something.

A story of college-20-sep20, 0.2460681. “> A recent study showed that 10% of admissions officers are factoring in the MySpace / Facebook profiles, and 38% of them said that the findings have” a negative impact “on the applicant. “These findings highlight the world of technology is moving so fast that none of the students or the school is the time to factor in all of the implications,” said an article from the Chicago Tribune. “What’s clear that the students did not mention the potential obstacles to navigate becomes fierce competition for a slot in the leading universities of the country.”

What do you do online can come back to haunt you. This is not a new idea. It showed early in life that people understand the concept, the more prepared they are to their future “real world.” Maybe high school should (maybe some do that) to teach a class online reputation management their professional development. Parents should emphasize a point as well.

Children need to learn about. If you want to get into mischief, do not have to post proof of said bullshit online, and if they do, they should at least their profile set to private. Either way, this is an important lesson in life that are likely to become more so over time.

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Now We Have A Google News For full decade

Google announced last week that it will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the launch of Google News’. Items will be inaugurated on 22 September 2002, and lost by a change again at that time.

According to Google, Google News is now available in 72 editions in 30 languages, and counted 50,000 publishers in addition to news sources. Included in the Google News search, Google says Google News linking one billion unique users a week in news content.

“Inspired by the widespread interest in the news after the September 11 attacks, we have invested in technology to help people to search and browse news related to them,” wrote Krishna Bharat, Founder and Distinguished Scientist Google News, in a post blog. “Google News broke new ground in the integration of news gathering links in real time, the inclusion of articles and stories with stories ranked by the editorial views of the publisher in the world. Connect to a variety of resources for any given story allows the reader to easily access different perspectives and content genre. By presenting insights into both blocks display, people were encouraged to hear the arguments on both sides of an issue and get a more balanced perspective. ‘

“As our measure of international service, we have added new features (Local News, personalization, Selection Editor, Spotlight, Author, Social Discussion), we grow design, mobile and operate low embraced experiment (Quick flip, Stories of Life, Timeline ), “said Bharat. “Parallel, we monitor our quality and challenged our engineers to improve the technology under the hood to increase the freshness, the good news, the story is more accurate ratings, personalize with more insight and streamline infrastructure.”

Last week, Google announced a new ranking signal for Google News in the keywords meta tag in the news, which encourages publishers to associate different keywords in their stories, in an effort to help Google to better understand the contents of the article without having to sacrifice the quality of the content itself to help Google. More on that here.

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Google News’, Google has put together the following chart, look at the headlines for each year of the past decade, as well as some real change in the Google News:

Bharat surrounding Google’s announcement by saying, “Opportunity, and we are excited that we can product the next decade. While change is inevitable, one thing remains the same: Our mission is to bring you the news you want, when you need it, from a variety of sources “.

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Tom Cruise Divorce: Katie Holmes Cruise Bodyguards Fire, beefs Up His Own Entourage

Katie Holmes has fired her security team because they are too close to Tom Cruise, TMZ reported. The team from the Guards and driving appointed by Holmes Cruise when the two got married 5 years ago. They work for the Cruise for years before assigned a full-time Holmes.

According to TMZ, he was seen in public with a group of 5-6 people Guards and he toured in the last five years is nothing. According to their source, he fired the two because of their devotion to Tom Cruise.

TMZ claims that Katie Holmes Tom divorced to prevent him from putting Suri in a radical group called the Sea Org Scientology. According to the celebrity gossip magazine, Holmes also believes he is followed by Scientology after splitting a two.

Sea Org a boot camp for the Scientology children aged five to go to find the highest level of response increased security followed by Scientology Cruise or risk all in the mind “religion.”?

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British Judge Declares Galaxy Tab "Not As Cool" For iPad

With the patent war between Apple and Samsung rages in courtrooms around the world, sometimes it can be hard to tell who wins and who loses. Apple wins battle here, Samsung won the battle there, but no one seemed to really advance. More recently, though, the British judge handed Samsung a big win, but with a bit of a stinger attached.

According to a report from Bloomberg this morning, British High Court Judge Colin Birss ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 does not infringe Apple design claim that the patent is not because consumers are not likely to mistake for iPad Galaxy Tab is much colder. Samsung Galaxy Tab, which says “both earthy and extreme simplicity of design owned by Apple. … They are not cool. ‘

Thus, while Judge Birss Samsung certainly deliver success, he did so in a very backhanded. And, frankly, in a way that reflects the reality of the tablet market. Galaxy Tab has done decently well for itself, Android tablet to go, but do not pose a real threat to the iPad than any other tablet, though that looks suspiciously similar. So far, Apple to lead the tablet market. Every other tablet makers have stopped competing for a distant second place (Galaxy Tab does not occupy the position). Judge Birss seem aware of it, and understand that the consumer is not likely any fault for the Apple iPad.

Meanwhile, Samsung also scored a small victory – or, at least, a temporary reprieve – the United States when Judge Lucy Koh agreed to stay orders against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. All in all, things are going to also look for the Samsung date.

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Microsoft script, AOS Crawling In Making Easy Application Development JavaScript

JavaScript has become one of the core foundations of HTML5 since the beginning. Microsoft is aggressively pushing for HTML5 in Internet Explorer 10. So what happens when you take Microsoft, AOS would like to create a proprietary programming language and their insistence on HTML5? You script, company, AOS own version of JavaScript.

Microsoft announced that the script is now available for developers and programmers to play around with. What, AOS difference between a script and JavaScript? Surprisingly, not much. Microsoft said that they created the script as a way to help scale JavaScript to larger, more media-rich HTML5 project.

Some may worry that Microsoft is trying to replace JavaScript with the script. It is not able to, AOT further from the truth. Manuscript is an extension of JavaScript, and both languages ​​can coexist in your code. In fact, Microsoft claims that the script is JavaScript and vice versa.

Actually, Microsoft will push the script as an adjunct to traditional development JavaScript. It is only intended to help developers create other applications of HTML5 rich media. Simply dismissed Microsoft is aggressively making the development of HTML5 in Internet Explorer 10 and Windows 8. New languages ​​can help developers to push the limits of HTML5.

The Developer will be initially judged on other Microsoft programming language developed, it seems Microsoft only the best intentions in mind with the script. A fully open source and free to use. It compiles to JavaScript, and Glory existing code.

Interested developers can download an early preview of the script here. You can also try it for yourself in the park play script online. Finally, you can get the source code over at CodePlex.

For those who need more visual explanation, Microsoft also has developed a step-by-step videos of all the new features in the text:

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