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Yandex IPO Puts Off Plan

Reports Solid saying for several months that Yandex, Russia’s famous search engine, has filed an IPO sometime this year. Now it seems that the international problem making postpone problems until 2009 instead.

Blaming the global economy for beginners. Shaky markets and rising inflation caused investors to become nervous, making them more likely to sink money into anything without a long track record and solid. Yandex, which was founded in 1997 and became profitable in 2002, can not be adopted.

Then there are more specific concerns about Russia’s relations with the rest of the world. Then the country was more or less ignored all partners and neighbors during the war with Georgia, was seen in overdose suspicion. Controller or a new Cold War could complicate the transfer of money.

However, Svetlana Gladkova delay IPO report comes from “one of the leading Russian investment fund [s] known for some corporate IT investments.” And not much else has changed, because, as originally reported, “[v] aluation of Yandex IPO NASDAQ as a result of the need to reach levels between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion. “

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Latest Mac Virus festive Is Bad

Mac users should be aware of the threat of malware poses to their machines. Hackers and malicious coders to get better each day of violation Mac once thought unbreakable. The Trojan Flashback is a sign that the Mac is not safe from the threat of malware. The latest Mac virus to hit the streets of ISN, AOT a threat.

The most recent reports of Mac malware we Sophos Security. The malware is called NetWeird on it, AOS really interesting. As Sophos points out, the virus is poorly written and really had almost no chance to infect you. Funnily enough, the hackers will sell a new virus on the black market for $ 60.

What a poor excuse Mac malware do? Installs itself in the home directory of the Mac, but can not put even right. The best type of virus installs itself as an app for that, AOS is always running when you reboot your Mac. This particular virus installs itself as a folder so that makes it pretty much useless.

The team reports that malware Sophos reported on a server in the Netherlands. If you affect a Mac, it is to run the program and sends all the information from the remote server. The worst they can do is send the password file from a third-party browser on the server host. Any criminal who would buy a piece of junk for $ 60 should be asked for their money back.

Better, Mountain Lion, AOS default security settings prevent this particular piece of malware from even installed. The latest version of Mac OS X will not prevent any software from the app store or verify that the developer from being installed.

Although NetWeird is a poor excuse of a virus, it should be taken as a sign. Hackers will be their attention to Mac owners. It won, AOT long before a much better coder will make some form of malware to bypass all security on Lion Mountain and do more damage than previously thought.

It’s the always good to remember the basics of dealing with computer security. We just need to download applications from trusted sources. Do not install anything that sounds too good to be true, because it probably is. Finally, just use common sense when dealing with a potentially suspicious files.

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The Walking Dead ('Dumb Way To Die' Style)

It’s only a matter of time, given how much the internet like “How stupid To Die” and the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. Here, a parody that combines the two:

Watch the original here, and do not forget to check out the hilarious parody video game.

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Is Windows Phone 8 May 46 50 Most Used Apps

U.S. East Coast will be almost completely closed now, but do not worry the West Coast Hurricane Sandy. Google Nexus and Android big announcement event scheduled to be held in New York is now postponed indefinitely, but Microsoft is going ahead with the event of Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco.

While the Windows Phone OS certainly handsome, one of the potential problems that users may lack application platform is available, when compared to Android or iOS. In an effort to overcome this viewJoe Belfiore, Microsoft corporate vice president, took the stage today and announced that Windows Phone 8 will be launched at 46 what Microsoft has set the 50 “most used” apps smartphone.

In particular, the Skype app for Windows 8 is deeply integrated into the OS. Belfiore stated that the app is “always on” and ready to receive calls.

The game is also a big part of the app announcements. Windows Phone 8 as Temple Run popular game, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds upcoming Star Wars, Jetpack Joyride, and Fairway Solitaire, seamlessly synced to play on Xbox 360 and PC.

Perhaps the biggest announcement at the Microsoft event Pandora app for Windows Phone 8. Although the music application itself is not surprising, Microsoft has paid for Windows Phone 8 users to listen to music on Pandora streaming radio for a year without advertising.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Seminar

One of the highlights of the summit a few months ago Aloha in Hawaii has Andy Sernovitz electronic beam and join us for an hour of discussion and insight. Andy should be a familiar name, he is the author of Word of Mouth Marketing.

This afternoon he just emailed me to let me know that she was hosting a small group of word mouth marketing seminar in Chicago on July 30 and September 4, which is a cool opportunity for you to spend a day learning from an expert. This is a small class too: max 50 people.

He describes it thusly:

Master the five steps of word of mouth marketing

Develop an action plan that your company can begin using next day

Get the same training received by large companies (Microsoft, TiVo, eBay) – for a fraction of what they pay for

Know how to translate the word of mouth marketing in the real ROI

Participate in an active, strong day practical standpoint (not boring theory)

Learning from Andy Sernovitz, who actually wrote a book about word of mouth marketing

Andy promises that participants will learn the framework, recurrent proven marketing is easy to do, affordable, and provide measurable results within 60 days.

If I am based in Chicago, I would definitely attend, but since I do not, you might want to be interested in going, is not it? You can learn more

Oh! Andy extensions for $ 250 discount for readers of my weblog, which is a great added perk. Just use the discount code when you sign up weloveintuitive.

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