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Zero-Day Internet Explorer exploitation hit

It is a cliche these days to make fun of Internet Explorer and many security problems. Microsoft has put a lot of effort into the latest iteration of their internet browser, and IE10 is by all accounts a really safe. Unfortunately, the version of the browser that is not so lucky.

Researchers discovered zero day AlientVault exploitation affects Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and easily run on Windows XP. It is encouraging that people are using Windows XP, Vista or 7 to stop using Internet Explorer now. Many Windows users are safe in their bunkers Chrome or Firefox, but there are still some people out there who do not know better.

Researchers at Rapid 7 take it a step further and prove that the exploitation can be done in IE 7.8 and 9. That means Windows XP, Vista and 7 woods. They showed that when a zero day exploitation affects over 41 percent of Internet users in the United States and 32 percent worldwide. Exploitation has the potential to destroy many lives. Unfortunately, we do not really know what he was doing before.

We do, however, know that this exploitation is most likely derived from the same team that created the Java advantage of the zero day from a few weeks ago. If it is like that, using today hoping to turn your PC into a bot. In essence, they want to occupy your PC and use it to advance their own evil deeds.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from zero-day exploits potentially harmful? First of all, stop using Internet Explorer. Difficult to advise on what you know, but it’s for the best. Microsoft told Ars Technica that they are working on a solution, but it may take days for official repair. Switch to Firefox, Chrome or Opera for now, and we will notify you when it is safe to switch back. At that time, you may find yourself liking a more alternative browser.

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University of Kentucky School of the Future Diplomat train with iPad

Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky (UK) in Lexington, take the initiative to provide students with an iPad during their degree rotation.

The school’s website says, “This initiative is not soup ‘nuts,” includes student recruitment, admission, seminars, graduation, and everything in between. We aim to fully integrate the iPad into our program, change the learning experience of students, improving the overall operation of the school, and prepare graduates to advance diplomacy and international business in the digital age. ‘

The initiative started from some inspirations coming from school HBO documentary film “For Neda”, which is dedicated to Iranian woman was shot during the protests, and the death of the transmitted image, which went viral online as a result of modern technology.

Ambassador Carey Cavanaugh, director of the school, wrote in a blog post, “Unfortunately, digital tools and skills anything but standard diplomatic fare. Throughout the 22-year Foreign Service career I was surprised at the slow adoption of new technologies Ministry of Foreign Affairs … ‘

“As the latest creation from Apple imagination of the world, I began to consider how the iPad can be used to improve the teaching of international affairs at the level of a Master’s degree,” he wrote. “In particular, using the device can help provide the team’s future leaders to enter the public, private, and non-profit to put the skills needed to advance what Secretary Clinton has been deemed” the state 21st Century? “I think it was also passed honed their technology skills using the iPad to create a kind of interesting requests as they enter the world of work and lobbying must continue to use the device to maintain the productivity of their students coming to the iPad can help overcome the lack of a second: ensuring graduates with the ability to enter international career to put the knowledge and technology becomes an integral part of their tool kit, and helped pave the way for wider acceptance of mobile devices such as the government’s official setting “

Cavanaugh decided to contact Apple, sending graduates Southeast Area Director for Education in the town to discuss his ideas. This school has to be one of the first professional who has all the students, faculty, and staff with an iPad to complete degree rotation, and test Cavanaugh hopes will be a blueprint for other schools to follow.

Dr. Robert Farley, an assistant professor at the school, which specializes in national security and intelligence, said he expects to answer questions such as: Is the iPad significantly improve productivity, unique iPad useful in the classroom, or extra-curricular activities related with the school, how the iPad affects the regulation of the class itself, and it will help break down the walls between students and instructors laptop invented?

Apple will provide support during the 18-month test period, and contribute to the development of programs and strategies, train students, faculty and staff, and help them gain access to the developer if necessary.

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The Walking Dead Are there other things wired Show Is Done In History

AMC The Walking Dead today announced the first cable television series in history to reach the biggest event of the incidence among adults 18-49 rating. Beating the event of press releases like The Voice, Modern Family, X Factor, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Grey Anatomy.

“On behalf of both studios and networks as AMC not on this project, I talk so much when I said ‘thank you’ and congratulations to all involved,” said AMC president Charlie Collier. Remember now destroyed Walking Dead is a great success that we very proud. ‘

Sunday mid-season finale reached 10.5 million viewers for the premiere. When encored hours later, he acquired an additional 3,600,000. When encored again, reaching 1,100,000. In total, 15,2 million people watching TV that night.

Of course, they show broadcast schedule is not the benefit of such testing, but still amazing. Returning AMC dish definitely worthwhile.

In a blog post, AMC said:

The Walking Dead Season 3 to lead as an ad-supported basic cable drama series in history with total viewers, adults 18-49, adults 25-54, adults 18-34, men 18-49, men 25-54 and men 18-34. AMC resume final eight episodes of The Walking Dead Season 3 on Sun, 10 February. In 9/8c.

In addition, the end of Season 3 midseason talking Dead at 11 draw 2.2 million viewers. A life after the show, hosted by Chris Hardwick, expanding to an hour program on Sunday, February 10th. In 10/9c immediately after the Walking Dead. Michael Davies’ Embassy Row and Jen Patton serves as executive producer and Brandon Monk is a co-executive producer.

The event has more than 12 and a half million Facebook likes, and most cable shows mentioned, based on data, according to AMC, which mentioned outperformed WWE Monday Night Raw and the ESPN Monday Night Football. That, too, is wonderful.

To look ahead to the second half of the season, returns in February, check out this video AMC extinguished.

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What happens when NBA Ballers play Football?

Steve Nash, besides being one of the most famous player in the NBA, is something of a football followers, and so, he hold an annual football match for charity with a mix of professional football and NBA player. While pro football preform fine, NBA players sometimes go a little of their comfort zone. The result?

Mike Dunleavy starts hit in the face with a shot attempt Elton Brand.

If you’re a Duke hater, it’s just make a wonderful video more glorious. In case you missed it the first time through, fear not, Dunleavy-faced put the ball a little loop so you can relive it again and again:

As is well-know sports blogger Matt Ufford said, this video is very necessary.

Required Video: Elton Brand kicks soccer ball in the face of Mike Dunleavy on Steve Nash charity game:

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Over at Yahoo NBA blog, Ball Do not lie, Dan Devine is better to take, courtesy Dunleavy Facing this:

That said, I have a hard time imagining that the NBA player topic more appropriate for this type of story – I think Mike Dunleavy Jr. is easy to “hit in the face with the ball” is the most player in the NBA right now. Who else in the running?

That is a good question, actually. My vote is for LeBron, but that’s because people still love to hate the NBA Finals MVP reign. Other Duke player should consider? The newly drafted Austin Rivers.

Finally, props to Google for use pic drunk Dunleavy as part of his Google Profile widget sidebar. It is almost as good as Lionel Richie.

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Wii U Pre-Order Up To $ 1k on eBay

Whether because of its popularity or because of manufacturing delays (probably a combination of both) pre-orders for the Wii U sold the day and now it is almost impossible to find. Almost, but not impossible.

Anyone still need to find the Wii U for the holidays can find one, but it cost them. Intrepid entrepreneurs are now trying to hock their pre-order through eBay and charge a ridiculous amount to do it. Seller charges as more than $ 1,000 for the 32 GB version of the deluxe black Wii U. Original price for the deluxe version of the Wii U, with a larger hard drive, videogames NintendoLand and charge cradle for gamepad, is $ 350.

Of course, do not seem to switch to a system that sells for $ 1,000. The highest price at this time to pre-order the Wii U is actively being bid on at the moment seems to be $ 500, as seen above. Ars Technica suggests that pre-order will not sell the Wii U again on September 27 for $ 749, the highest so far.

This value is easy to creep higher, though, as Christmas approach and the parents are getting desperate to please their young players. So, maybe they are $ 1,000 selling price gouging really know what they are doing, and believe that if they hold their ground until November 18 release Wii U they find themselves in an extra $ 1K for their foresight in future.

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