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Mobile Verizon Named Brand Of The Year by the consumer

Verizon mobile network named brand in consumers for the second year in a row, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive.

“Given the change of telephone number portability, mobile transfer and mobile networks is significantly easier,” said Jeni Lee Chapman, Executive Vice President of Brand and Communication Consulting at Harris Interactive.

“Verizon’s strong brand equity can have a large impact when consumers have a choice.”

Motorola, persuaded by strong familiarity and a significant increase from last year, led the mobile phone category, followed by HTC and Sony Ericsson. Nokia and Apple ranked fifth fourth.

“Apple may have the market cornered on technology enthusiasts, but Motorola to meet a wider audience,” said Ms. Chapman.

“There is still a large audience of consumers who are not interested in smartphones to run their lives, and Apple is not a product to meet that need.”

Sony continues to be the market leader in consumer electronics, followed closely by Samsung, Panasonic and LG, who all rose to narrow the gap in brand equity. In the game category, Nintendo ranked highest, followed by Sony and Microsoft Xbox.

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Threats to Expect in Mobile, Social Location, and Email in 2011

It was the end of the year, and it’s time to start looking forward to 2011. While we can speculate about a lot of subjects, some important trends as expectations related to security. We asked an expert in the field about some of the things he anticipates. WebProNews interviewed Paul Wood, MessageLabs Intelligence Sr. Analyst at Symantec Hosted Services about what you can expect and consumer facing businesses remain safe for the next year.

Mobile Phone and Tablet

First, we ask what are the implications of all the new mobile devices and tablet security has come in the years ahead. “Three trends emerge,” said Wood us. “The increase in processing power of mobile devices means more opportunity for malware to run on this device. As their numbers and increased use, their practical targets for attackers. Many brands of mobile devices will share the same chipset and threats that target vulnerabilities in some chipsets will come in 2011. ‘

“Increasing the scene from the perspective of technology means that more people than ever are using mobile devices to access their email and social networking circles,” he continued. “From a corporate perspective, business users to access business data and services while traveling – often beyond the physical corporate network – so apply the same rules to enforce acceptable use policies, for example – will become more important.”

“Security Protection is required to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms as users move between devices and laptops that are used to store and transmit information online,” he added. “Businesses looking to the cloud to achieve information-term, regardless of how to access the data. There will also be a journey to the cloud-based strong authentication and to the cloud to remove malicious threats before they reach the network or device. ‘

Social Media Threats

When asked whether social networks such as Facebook and Twitter will begin a larger security problem or less of an issue next year, Wood said, “Social networking will continue to be a persuasive force and continue to be utilized as a way to run a confidence trick – social engineering attacks – and The risk of the spread of malware unchanged from this year, but may increase the level of sophistication involved may manifest as a phishing attack to compromise from those accounts are legal and third party applications will be possible. continuing source of malware and attacks on privacy. We expect to see more targeted virtual money online scams. ‘

Location-Based Services

As you may be aware, location sharing become more common thanks to the capabilities of the mobile phone market and the saturation of check-in apps. We asked Wood to threats based location sharing becomes a bigger problem. “Probably not, it’s hard to see how to monetize Internet attacks using a shared location,” he said. “An attack that can be predicted is for malware information site pretends to improve the ranking of the popularity of the location or false. This type of information will be of value to the observation stage before a targeted attack, or perhaps before burgling someone’s house – a thief can find the owner of the other “.

Can you imagine a site account / Twitter called PleaseRobMe, dedicated to showcasing the most points.

Email Spam

As far as changes in the next year about spam email, Wood said, “It will still be more than 90% of all e-mail for most of 2011 Botnet hold a major threat and a major source of spam. – Currently 90% of spam is sent from botnets. ‘

“Spam URL shortening using a link because this is a legitimate domain – we can find a legitimate domain stands threatened or spammers to promote their own services such as, the use of domain names to use and chaining them together,” he predicts. “Spam has become the use of news and current events with RSS feeds from major news aggregator consuming and using headlines as the subject of the message. More spam was sent from the new economy, especially East Africa as increased broadband capacity will be deployed in the region. ‘

Business One thing you never have to

Finally, we asked Wood if he does not mention it as the most important step in business to do to protect their data, whether it?

“Know what you’re trying to protect,” he said. “Too many businesses are looking for a magic bullet to make security go is the fact that security is achieved by knowing what you are trying to protect – you know your assets, with access to these assets and in what circumstances, and what attack directed against the asset. Taking into account these problems, businesses can produce a coherent defense to protect their systems still allow employees to continue their work. ‘

Symantec’s Kevin Haley has some of the more interesting predictions for 2011 in a new report here.

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The Most Important Rule In Press for Your Business

One of the most mishandled, misunderstood and in-built tool in the hands of today’s business press release. Business owners have a dizzying range of opinions about how to be written release, release what should be done and how it should be accepted.

For a long time, the general thinking is that newspapers are constantly beg for material to fill the gap in their columns. All you have to do is give them the smell of your brilliant business plan and some editors will send a reporter and photographer walking to get the scoop on you, driving customers to your door.

Every form of media has its own methods, challenges and practices. (For the purposes of this article, we will talk about in the local newspaper as a classic medium apply these laws, with only slight variations, on websites and blogs, magazines, television and radio, etc. ..) Every writer or editor must consider what’s coming to her desk to determine how they fit into the context of its outlets materials are usually published. But, more than anything, people busy. If you want to take a few hours of their day to give free publicity – and that’s what you asked for – you have to make them want it.

One of our website to see published a list of ten tips for writing press releases. Some useful, some a little fuzzy. But first let’s jump their list, for item number ten.

“Make it as easy as possible for media representatives to do their jobs.”

Friends, I am here to tell you that this is completely wrong. The fact that these items end at the bottom of the list is ridiculous. This is an Item Number. This should be the first thing you think of and the North Star in the whole process. Make it your desktop wallpaper. If you want to make the writing of regular releases of all, print a banner and hang it in your office.

Job Easy Writer

Every other end to read, every turn of phrase that you write brilliant, every scheme to promote your big hatch in vain if you create a work of the author is too difficult to get the story done.

Writers and editors have whirlpool material around them with the click of a mouse. The problem, once more can not be used. They quickly developed a taste for kissing relevant material to the press release, to know what would be useful and what is chaff. More useful material provided, over which they could be used, unchanged. Want.

The unspoken goal that can make a writer want to copy and paste the entire article exactly how you publication, the dust from his hands and smiled as he moves along to the next order of business for the day . A good writer does not normally do that – even if there is no such thing as a “trace” statements – mostly because the press does not sound like a real paper. And therein lies the first big clue you. If you manage to get a story written as a result of your statement, you must print your own based on how much of your original material and made it to the last word article without sounding stiff and unnatural .

Note that this is not the same thing as writing material like the author has to say. We will discuss further below. It’s written material they love to call their own. To achieve the Holy Grail of writing press releases, there are a few things you can do, you can avoid these things, and best practices for how you treat authors from a distance. It becomes less likely to develop a personal relation with the author at this time, but you can certainly want them to bookmark your site for a thorough routine for the material. It is a relationship. If you can do that, you score.


One of the first tips that will give you the press release writing traditional primer is to ensure that your information is “news”. Let’s be honest here. Grand opening will be not the same kind of news as house fires, car accidents, coverage of election or even a celebrity “news”. But the local newspaper will usually run business and entertainment stories. If you are the kind of “news” usually walk in there, go for it.

Just remember, that makes easy work of the author. Give them a story that can run it without having to worry about maintenance options reader or editor. Put a twist here, connect to something national, human interest angle or other unique twist. Does not seem to “sell”. If the sale is all you have to offer, do the right thing and call the advertising department and pay for a room like the others. But if you have something to learn, entertain, or enlighten the reader intrigued, go ahead and let the author know.

Grammer and speling.

It should go without saying that the grammar, spelling and overall flow of the emission must be perfect. Unfortunately it can not go without saying. Understand this: when a writer even saw a typo in your material, it will make the nerves. He must feel that he is well-tooth comb to make sure everything you do is embarrass himself.

Of course, the writers always proofread everything before publishing. But part of the easy task of the author to do so quietly. Do not give him extra clean copy. Which fast is a factor in deciding whether to just skip your material, if not now, then later. Kiss of death.

Warning Tale

Here the statement is true, believe it or not. I apologize in advance that you have to see it. I put an obvious error in bold.

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I wish I could say that the killing of the author is printed for the arrow skills. But what actually happens is more sad than: they stop reading the third sentence and round-file it, press delete. And why not? Nothing here but ads with words correct spelling, grammar properly, repeated claims of superiority.

Where the news, even a little? Some people replace windows because glass etching pollutants? It happens. Tell me how it happened. Do you do windows in local charity work for free? Tell me about it. Do you just make ten thousand of your windows? Shoot, that’s something. Therefore, they said, “Hey, we do windows in The Woodlands, TX, and we are better than anyone else.” And they took 536 words to say it!

Here’s another laugh played together. It is from 2010. -Hold your nose.

Very Touted Social News Site Official Launch on 23 August, which is touted as the next big social site by industry experts, has officially announced the launch date of August 23. committed to provide the best articles, videos and images on any topic you can imagine, make it an industry leader in the online social world news.

With so much news’ [sic] sites present on the market, you will think there is no need or even room for one more to come. While the market may be saturated, there is still need to be filled, and a site that promises to close the gap forever. been planning for months about how to build the perfect site news, and their finished product is expected in the online world by storm. Supported by a large advertising budget and a large staff of highly trained researchers, they promise to deliver the best stories, videos and photos from around the internet on any subject you can think of.

While that may not seem like a big deal, most sites do not even try to cover a lot of categories. Even the most popular news sites cover only a small part of the story, and they bring you the best of every single subject. Taking a team, committed great to pick up a thing like this. That is where claim they can close the gap and the best social news sites around.

The is a combination of news sites and social bookmarking site, which means that users can submit their own stories, videos and pictures on the side, written by staff This will help to insure [sic] of the highest quality news and information in one place, the staff to see what people’s interests and find information that is of value to them.

Thus, the industry experts are right in predicting that the next big thing, or the next big flop? Only time will tell I guess, so go decide for yourself and check out the AllTopics when they are officially launched.

This is a classic example of writing a press release full of things that one wishes the author will tell. Euphemistic author. Putting words in someone’s mouth highfalutin not the same thing as providing the material that he was happy to claim as his own.

There are numerous variations on the rules for writing a statement for each form of media (radio, television, newspapers, blogs, etc..). You can find tons of tips for each online. But remember, above all, the writer will have to jump through hoops to get your story. It should not take a team of proofreaders and research grants to learn what you or if it is even worth talking about. Make it easy to author.

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Twitter tax break Arguing in San Francisco

As Twitter celebrates five years of news, trends and Kanye West muse, it looks at how the San Francisco-based company that focus point of the political battle in his hometown. This fight over proposed tax relief to benefit the company in a particular area of ​​a stagnant economy by extending the payroll tax exemption for all new employees within a period of six years.

The debate between the city and the newly elected non-progressive progressive centered on whether the proposed tax break or increasing business growth amounted to only corporate welfare. Supporters say the tax break will increase the incentive for companies to either move or just stay put in San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Now based in South of Market, Twitter eyeing move to Brisbane. Twitter CFO Ali Rowghani informed city officials last week that if the proposed tax exemption is approved, the company will move into vacant Furniture Mart on Market Street in the east of Ninth Street. Is expected to grow the current workforce of 350 to 3,000 in 2013.

That amounts to a whole lot of new employees tax relief. Opponents argue that taking revenue away from the city and giving it to the rich is a bad idea. Former board member Chris Daly was quoted as saying, “We are talking about giving up, or earlier, to $ 22 million (income tax) to a company worth billions. May need to stand again with the threat of the company and the people doing the work. ‘

The proposed legislation is scheduled to go before the Budget Committee on Wednesday. Progressive on the Board of Trustees has recently replaced the more conservative members, and because of political change, it is expected to pass. However, it is possible for a law to end the measure on the ballot, allowing the people to decide the next election.

Is the location of companies like Twitter are great for city residents? Or another case of the rich getting better? Tell us what you think.

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