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Oatmeal has sued Greeting Card Company

Apparently, the people refused to leave Matthew Inman alone and just let him continue to be one of the funniest people on the internet. Oatmeal looking webcomic creator himself the target of yet another lawsuit, reports Ars Technica.

This time, promenade Massachusetts-based greeting card company Inman claims violates their trademark piracy The oatmeal with greeting card sales.

More recently, business oatmeal went Recycled Greetings, the company responsible for the Papyrus card and gift card chain. Together, they create a set of greeting cards oatmeal, which is available for purchase on the website oatmeal. Massachusetts greeting card company, Oatmeal Studios, said Inman oatmeal is very similar to the use of their brand, to cause confusion. Oatmeal Studios claims that the greeting card business valuation over the last 35 years.

According to ARS, a trademark infringement claim is only that oatmeal studio has produced, and they have not asked for any specific amount of damage.

As I mentioned above, this is not the first legal battle Inman found himself in recently. The last all started when Inman published a blog post that shows how FunnyJunk sites republishing comic oatmeal and get it without attribution. Then, the domain FunnyJunk famous bike requires litigator Charles Carreon of Inman damages on the basis of defamation.

Inman responded, but perhaps not in the way expected Carreon.

Rather than produce, Inman illustrated Carreon “mother” had sex with a bear. He also called on the public Internet to raise money for charity (which they did, to the tune of $ 200,000 +). He Carreon or FunnyJunk pay all that money, and now the suit is ridiculous closed.

But from the ashes of one, the other up. This story is developing and we’ll let you know when Inman answer (which we’re sure he will).

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Twitter Request Please stop Using Internet Explorer 8

Do you have a PC running Windows XP? Are you using Internet Explorer 8 on PC tell? If so, Twitter has some words of advice – move or disappear.

Home Support tweeted today that they are looking at the problem which the Tweet does not post on Internet Explorer 8. Advised they showed that current users affected by the problem switch to another browser.

Support @ support

We investigate the problem in not posting the Tweet in IE8. In the meantime, you may want to switch to another browser:

Reply Retweet · · Favorite56 minutes ago via web · powered by @ socialditto

The function (d, s, id)! {VAR

For some users, switching to another browser easier said than done. As The Next Web points, Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of Microsoft’s browser is available for people who are still using Windows XP. Browser also gave birth to some of the best Microsoft ads:

Unfortunately for some, the Internet Explorer everyone else know. Internet is not a sin, breathing creatures that we all know and like for its users. For them, it’s something you have to work with no input on their part. Seldom do they realize that their refusal to change what causes these predicaments in the first place.

That’s why Twitter advises users to check Happy browsing because it contains links to all the latest browser from all major vendors. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are offered in addition to its own Microsoft Internet Explorer. Site links to the latest versions of each browser so users know they are getting the most secure version yet.

Users of Windows XP is affected by the time of the outage must check one of the other browsers available to them. Internet Explorer 9 will not be available, but the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Opera are all available for users of Windows XP. All three browsers are supporting Twitter and all you can ever hope to do on the Web.

Of course, the problem does not actually go until we can remove Windows XP from all the major markets. Many people refuse to upgrade to Windows Vista and not yet upgraded to Windows 7. The rift in the Windows user can only lead to more problems such as Microsoft drops support for Windows XP at all.

Users of Windows XP will be the advice of Twitter as not only a call to change the browser, but eventually will upgrade the operating system. You can not re-buy a new PC. Deployment of tablet and other mobile devices to ensure the compatibility of hardware manufacturers several years before creating the next big thing that makes each device before it passes.

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Yandex Now Part of the NASDAQ Internet Index, launching Real-Time Ads Offering Model

Russian search giant Yandex has been added to the NASDAQ Internet Index (Nasdaq: QNET), effective today.

The NASDAQ Internet Index is the online software companies, Internet service providers, search engines,

web hosting, web design, and e-commerce. At the time of this writing, the index was at 238.18 3.03 (1.29%).

“As the largest Russian internet businesses, we are pleased to Yandex now included in the NASDAQ Internet Index includes some of the most innovative and powerful Internet companies in the world. In addition to Yandex index is the recognition of the growth of our company and leadership, combined with the strength of our technology and the quality of our employees, “said CEO Arkady Volozh.

Now, Yandex also announced the launch of a new advertising model with real-time bidding for public testing.

“Real-Time Offers business model gives us a whole new, adding the same return on investment for advertisers and advertising revenue for the website,” said Nikolay Danilov, who led the project. “Advertisers now have the opportunity to target their display ads exclusively to the particular audience, while paying what they want. Owners of the website, on the other hand, can benefit from an auction-based sales greatly improve their chances to increase revenue from advertising, “

The company describes the model as an advertising system to fight for the right to transmit their advertisers, as opposed to direct advertisers bidding for impressions.

Last month, scored Yandex deals with Twitter, and launched a new social features.

When the user visits the page, the system offers the opportunity to purchase advertising system impression to users around to see. Systems, the company said, automatically selects the best ad for a particular offering, and make an offer. System selection of the best bidder, and users are seeing ads that won the auction.

The model is implemented in the Yandex Advertising Network site, to deliver search and display ads.

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WordPress Is Getting rid of the Blogroll

Blogroll is something near and my heart. This is something that every blog that I run has grown, and I use it extensively. This is my way to direct readers to other great content, and I hope others will find me good enough to put my blog on their blogroll. It is a wonderful system of give and take, but it was for longer.

WPBeginner find tickets website WordPress blogroll points will be removed in the next major update (3.5). Tickets referring to two possible solutions to eliminate the blogroll and the pros and cons of each action:

Hide menu. For newly installed, the default stop posting links and hide the menu, only. (Also default widget.) To install the old, remove the default link if it is the only one they have. Hide the menu if they do not have a link. In this situation, we can make it so the menu does not remain accessible, which means that they can go in, enter the link, and suddenly will feature live again.

Pro: focus on our main goal here, the UI bloat.

Cons: Ignore the code bloat and future maintenance required code really dead.

Move all in one plugin. For newly installed, all is lost. No more tables, no more API. To install the old, upgrade, install the compatibility plugin that contains the API, if they have any links. Delete the table if they do not upgrade any links to more common one.

Pros: holds both UI and code bloat of a big swing.

Cons: backwards compatibility nightmare. Deleted than Deprecated function. Even just breaks function and condition refers to it can lead to fatal errors from plugins expect the return value is different. You can isolate the sites that do not rely on automatic upgrade.

Either way, it seems pretty serious WordPress ditching it. The good news is that people who use an blogroll will have their links removed. New users, however, do not have access to this function.

Of course, we must ask whether the blogroll that even feasible? WPBeginner feel that WordPress menu is very suitable replacement. They perform all the functions blogroll and then some. That said, Andrew Nacin has created a plug-in for WordPress that make the whole blogroll. You can grab it here.

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The White House was attacked by hackers With Over The Weekend

If you listen to the media, cyberattacks frightening events that can bring the whole country with a few keyboard strokes. In fact, some people have a username and password stolen. It’s really not that bad in most cases. This past weekend, however, something bad could have been avoided narrow.

The AP reports that the White House had cyberattack this weekend. The Obama administration has acknowledged the attack, but said they were thwarted before they become problems. The official story does not list where the attack came from or what part of the network of the White House attacked. Said an anonymous official or non-critical systems at risk ap row.

Looking to the official report, said news of the attacks came from Chinese sources. The Washington Free Beacon said the attacks could be in response to U.S. support of Japan’s disputed Senkaku Islands that led to riots across China.

Things get a little scary when you learn what exactly China after. Free report tells Beacon that hackers are trying to get into the system of the White House Military Office. This system contains the code for football – the collection of the president’s nuclear launch codes with him all the time.

Currently, we do not know what happened. We probably will not know what happens until something really bad happens. Cybersecurity in the minds of many lawmakers, but they seem very committed to writing extensive laws really protect anyone. Cybersecurity officials in Washington have begun to focus on protecting their own infrastructure. The impact of a stolen credit card repaired, but the launch of Intel’s line of stolen code or not.

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