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The Walking Dead Episode 308: Here's What The Cast And Crew Have to Say About It

The Walking Dead AMC aired 308 episodes on Sunday. As you know, the mid-season final. The network has posted the episode view, including several interviews with the cast and crew. It contains spoilers, so if you have not watched the episode, you might want to hold off. If not, continue.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead will resume in February. Here is a teaser for the next stage:

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On Twitter Catalan, Ukrainian Now A Reality

Thanks to the enthusiastic volunteers to fill in the Twitter Translation Center, this service is now available in two new languages: Catalan and Ukraine.

In all, Twitter (the service, not the actual tweets) are now available and ready for use in 30 different languages.

Twitter Translation Center Launched in February, 2011, with the aim of crowdsourcing translation site that can be accessed by many other countries around the world. When center is launched, Twitter was only available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. The launch brings three new languages ​​to block translation – Indonesia, Russia, and Turkey.

We work to ensure voice quality, and consistency of our translators are integrated with our tools – through automation. Now, we have two languages ​​are available for all users to view and change the settings of their language – Catalan and Ukraine. You see translations directly on based on completion and approval of the translation. To use Twitter in Catalan or Ukraine, please go to your language settings now.

Back in May, adding six new languages ​​Twitter Translation Center – Catalan, Afrikaans, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech and Basque. In less than two months, the two languages ​​are now ready for prime time. Twitter warned users that more people will volunteer to participate in the translation of the other four, the sooner they will be available to all users.

Last four languages ​​will be available on Twitter right-to-left languages ​​such as Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu.

uriBCN aka JordiVK @ yuribcn

I now use the @ Twitter in my own language: Catalan. Thank you! # Twitterencatala

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THQ, Saints Row Publishers, Files For Bankruptcy

After successfully running the humble bundle and some solid releases this year, publisher THQ careworn can stay on top of things. Assumptions that may not be too optimistic that the company has just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

THQ today announced that it has secured an asset purchase agreement with Clearlake Capital Group as part of its bankruptcy process. Asset sales, the publisher owned studios and games today, will allow publishers to “shed some legacy liabilities and come with strong financial support to the new owners with significant experience in software and technology. ‘

“Sales and confrontation is necessary next steps to complete the THQ innovation and position the company for the future, we remain confident in our pipeline that have the game, and the strength of our studio THQ deep bench of talent,” said Brian Farrell, Chairman and CEO of THQ. “We are grateful to our outstanding team of employees, partners and suppliers working with us through this transition. We have attracted a strong financial partner for our business, and we expect to complete the sale quickly to make the process as smooth as possible. ‘

So, what does this mean for the game that THQ is currently working as a Metro: Last Light, and South Park: Truth Stick? All games and studios will remain as when transferring ownership to someone THQ’s new mystery investor. Unless the court to do something extraordinary, THQ does not have a lay-off any employee and all games will continue as planned.

THQ president, Jason Rubin, reiterated that there is nothing to worry about and filing for bankruptcy will not affect the day to day operations:

“We have talent, a fantastic creative here at THQ. We look forward to partnering with experienced investors for a new beginning as we continue to use our assets to intellectual property to develop high-quality core games, create a new title in the franchise, and travel needs through traditional and digital channels. ‘

In short, THQ fans need not worry at this point. Publishers will continue to make games, and titles are expected to be high as Metro: Last Light is still on schedule. The only real difference is that every week we were surprised to see how small THQ stock is worth.

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YouTube Rolls Out New Features

YouTube has introduced a number of new features including search suggestions, import Google contacts, a better notification system for video comments and demographic statistics YouTube Insight.

“Display query suggestions To join, simply click the ‘advanced’ link next to the search button, then select ‘when I typed” To use the search suggestions YouTube Blog nation, from the search settings. As you type your search terms into a menu appears with the proposed results to choose from to help you more quickly find the video you’re looking for. ‘

Users can import their contacts to Google on YouTube by clicking on “Import” in the “My Contacts”, then log into your Google account.

YouTube has also increased by sending a notice to comment on your YouTube videos Inbox. From the YouTube blog, “Comments made on your video is separated from the comments left in response to your comments on other people’s videos. The actual text of the comments is also now displayed and you can approve or reject comments on-line. ‘

YouTube has added demographic information with YouTube Insight. TheOfficial Google Blog explained, “A new tab shows the amount of demographic information broken down by age group (such as ages 18-24), gender, or a combination of both, to help you gain a better understanding of the composition of your YouTube audience. We display general information about your viewers in anonymous and aggregate form, based on date of birth and gender information. ‘

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Washington Online Sales Tax Act Now

Online shoppers who are residents of the state of Washington will now have to start paying sales tax on purchases made via the Internet.

Furthermore, Washington joined 18 other states that require some online retailers to collect sales tax. About 1100 eCommerce retailers have agreed to collect state taxes in exchange for not going after them for back taxes.

Last year Washington passed laws requiring online retailers to collect sales tax. The new law changed the tax system of the country based on objective-based sources. Taxes will be collected based on the location of consumers, not the location of the seller.

“This is an important step,” said Mark Johnson, vice president of government affairs for the Washington Retail Association, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “This is a fundamental constants our tax structure.”

Bricks-and-mortar store supports online sales tax, saying it allows for a more fair competition in e-commerce.

Most small businesses do not support the legislation of the new tax. They infuse new software to identify 350 counties Washington taxation. They are also worried about being a national law, because they are required to sift through thousands of files the tax code and return throughout the year for each code.

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