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Rowe Price goes On Facebook, Zynga

Respected mutual fund company T. Rowe Price is – at least to some degree – to believe social media. Expressing filings released by the organization recently invested $ 190,500,000 wonderful voice on Facebook and $ 72 million in Zynga.

That makes for a total of $ 262.5 million ($ 297.9 million or if you are investing $ 35.4 million in the T. Rowe also made the list Angie). Not exactly pocket change from the perspective of the average person, in other words, and in the business world, many companies can buy direct.

Plus, further demonstrating its interest in social media, T. Rowe has invested in Groupon and Twitter before.

The catch bit is that, in terms of all the money T. Rowe manages – something like $ 482 billion – $ 300 million really does not amount to much. And mutual fund companies are not trying to make (or allow) any investor to load Facebook shares.

Mary Pilon, who was one of the first to report the expenses of the association, explained, “This investment. . . is a drop in the bucket for T. Rowe, who told risk management by keeping a small portion of the investment for each fund company. None of the Company’s funds have at least one full percentage related to Facebook, for example. ‘

So make the move (s) what you will. Is it possible to turn them over in the street. At least some investors are sure to follow T. Rowe leads and trying to pass a little money in Facebook, Zynga, or other social media companies, however.

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Zynga launch CityVille 2 On Facebook

Old news now, but Zynga is still a fair bit of. The company has downsized staff of 150 employees last month and shut down the steps studio.The sure raised some concerns about the future of the company, but social game maker to push the release of the highly expected new title.

Zynga announced today that CityVille 2 is available now on Facebook. game will launch soon. Following in the footsteps of Farmville 2, CityVille two completely rethinks how city building game played. New look and feel Zynga CityVille 2 features Brian Reynolds, a leading designer FrontierVille, Civilization II and important strategy title.

“CityVille a runaway hit that brings players to experience real social city building and fun. Quickly catapulted to match the most popular figures of social and stay in place for more than a year after its launch, reaching 100 million MAU in reaching its peak, “said Mark Nelson, Director of Design for two CityVille, Zynga. “Drawing inspiration from the original CityVille, and FrontierVille, CityVille two sinks player storyline flavored with a unique and interesting character, and provide a 3D beautiful city where players can compete or play your friends as they build their city unique. ‘

CityVille player jump outcome can expect a number of new features that separate it from the predecessor:

District social center of the city – is the French invent the next quarter or the Chinatown district, let it shine customized personal style player ‘by. Friends may visit each district to compete for VIP status to earn extra prizes, with the most frequent visitors gather to honor the leaderboard bragging rights and reputation points.

Nice to make your neighbors – In CityVille 2, players will engage and interact with your friends to help build their city, and collect craft supplies from friends. Player can also exchange strategy by talking with friends in real-time via in-game chat.

A new look – The 3D graphics in CityVille 2 allow the player to switch between different cameras, rotating buildings and seeing their city in a way that they thought. And, for the first time in Zynga games, they can also flip the switch at night, or during the day.

Bedlam – like a real city, CityVille two of unexpected events. From a realistic fire and explosion damage vehicles and traffic jams, the best players have to respond to their city. Each interactive and dynamic vehicles serve a special purpose – Vehicles police to catch criminals, power shortage repair truck and fire truck putting a four-alarm fire – and puts the player in the driving seat of every vehicle .

Cast of characters – CityVille 2 featuring colorful group of characters that sends the player to a series of fun and challenging quests related to the story of “whodunit” mystery triggered an explosion in the city Mayoral Estate. Some city movers and shakers including Rosemary escarole, a community activist; Kurt Steele, a wealthy industrialist, and Tre, the reality TV star wannabe.

Some players may not want to switch to CityVille 2 more though. To help keep the players from the original content of the game, Zynga has released a number of extensions to the original CityVille over the past few months.

Zynga desperately need a hit now more than ever. Facebook remains, however, not the best action now. Companies must aggressively invest in the mobile market continues to change if it is to survive.

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What Confusing Warning Link On Google

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from an author in the field of search engine marketing. Any suggestion to the author, and do not reflect the views of our organization.

If you read the post Chris Crum on Monday, you could be one of the thousands of webmasters who receives notice of differentiated Links Google Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) last week. As mentioned article Chris’, “the head of web spam team” Google, Matt Cutts promised on Friday that the revised notice more clearly express the intent of the original message will be distributed soon.

Update: Since this article was originally written, Cutts questions about the messages in a blog post.

That notice came Monday afternoon GWT message inbox and read:

“We noticed that some of the links that point to your site using Google Webmaster Guidelines techniques out.

We do not want to put any trust in artificial or unnatural links. We recommend removing any links that are not fair to your site. However, we recognize that some of the links out of your control. As a result, for certain circumstances we take action which is not targeted and not a natural link your site as a whole. If you can remove one of the links, please submit a reconsideration request, including actions you take.

If you have any questions, please visit our Webmaster Help Forum. ‘

The second message helps to explain that the website receives a message not trusted by Google as a whole, but only “some” of links pointing to a web site does not meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Webmaster recommend “remove” any “unnatural links” and filed a reconsideration request. Request a review, historically reserved for the website to be penalized in various ways, including deindexing and / or rank drops. Remember though, update notices saying that I do not trust the website as a whole.

Raises the question that if Google does not suspect your site as a whole, and Matt Cutts said that the notification “… not always automatically have something to worry about, “Why Google proposes to file reconsideration requests at all?

In it lay the confusion.

What is one to do now?

There is much speculation circulating online about how to treat a warning. Some suggest you ignore them and continue with business as usual. Some believe that the filing of an application for review is an admission of guilt.

It is always my advice to follow directions from Google when it comes to this notice. You should try to remove the non-natural backlinks and you have to apply for judicial review. After all, I would say “please.”

Where do I start? Begin by pulling inventory backlinks. You can withdraw linking domains of GWT console under the traffic. However, this does not provide a specific URL that links to you, the only domains that have links pointing to your site. I recommend using a third party tool like SEOMoz Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO Site Explorer link your inventory. This is a paid tool but will provide you with all the incoming URL link, which will make your learning too easy.

What am I? Google does not want to believe “natural” or “artificial” links, as they say in the (equally confusing) their second message. However, what is “unnatural” and “artificial” really mean? According to the Webmaster Quality Guidelines, they recommend the following quality tests:

“A good standard is if you want a comfortable explaining what you’ve done to a website that competes with you. A Another useful test is to ask, ‘Is this my users? Would I do this if search engines did not exist? ‘”

I always liked the second approach – focus on your users. You have to promote your business on the site and the content relevant to your audience. You have to ask yourself, “is this value a link to potential customers?” If not, then it should be removed.

Create a spreadsheet from the site and a specific URL with a link you want to remove. This spreadsheet will serve as a tracking document when submitting your request reconsideration.

How do I get this link removed? Nothing, easy one-click solution here. Taking the time to gather contact information and submit the request to the webmaster to remove the link. If possible, include specific URLs that link is to simplify the process for webmasters.

There is no guarantee that these links will be deleted. In fact, the success rate is relatively low remove the link. There is no incentive for webmasters to take the time to find the page on their CMS and remove the link. However, this is what I want to do we, so do we.

It is very important to monitor your learning and outreach in detail because you will need this information when submitting your request reconsideration.

In a spread sheet, add the date range for the “removal request 1” and “2 removal request” so you can keep track of all correspondence you send. It can help support your case when you submit a reconsideration request.

How many rounds of outreach play really depends on you. Some webmasters will go so far as to stop and desist letter drafted by the legal department and sent to the webmaster, which has proven successful in motivating the publisher to remove the link.

My recommendation as thorough as possible with your backlink analysis to prevent the notification from Google about links that do not conform to their Webmaster Guidelines.

What should an application for review look like? First, do not stress about it. You do not draw up legal documents, email Google to let them know that you are after power, they have to check your work and rewards you with the proverbial gold star. Use the facts that have been collected in a tracking sheet to help you compose your message. Demand example might look like this:


After receiving notification from unnatural links to Webmaster Tools on July 19, we immediately checked [number linking URL] backlinks and knew [the total number of links you want deleted] is not a natural link, then contact each webmaster and request removal. We did [1, 2, 3, etc..] Round outreach to the webmaster to request removal, concluding with a cease-and-desist letter in our last round of outreach [only if you send a C & D]. We believe that we have taken the necessary steps to remove the unnatural link and we will not see the inherent Links consideration.

Thank you,

[Website] webmaster

You obviously can extend these templates as you see fit, but be careful with your words and 500> 2850 characters (including spaces) limit reconsideration request form in GWT.

Making the whole process should ensure that you are not reasonable notice Links will be removed. In addition, take the time to analyze your current backlink profile should make sure that your incoming links meet Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and will prevent you from receiving notifications, and the negative impact of the algorithm update.

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French Group Twitter Want to Give Up User Identity Anti-Semitic

A group of anti-discrimination leg Twitter for France hold fire, demanding that social media sites will disclose the identity of a small number of users who posted anti-Semitic tweet hashtag trends over the life of the race- charged back in October.

French Jewish Students Union (UEJF) filed a summons against Twitter, hoping that the company will submit the user so that they can be prosecuted by the local anti-hate speech laws.

Tweet in question is Coming to a particular hashtag that trended on the site a little over a month ago. # Unbonjuif, which translated into English means “a good Jew” led some Twitter users to post photos of inflammation, Holocaust jokes, and other bad message. For example, a Twitter user posted a picture dustpan unbonjuif side # hashtag – obviously offensive.

After pressure from UEJF, Twitter agreed to delete tweets themselves, as well as to remove the tweets containing the hashtag another controversial push the same tweet about Muslims.

“Twitter does not mediate content. If we do not know the content that may violate our terms of service, we investigate every report and respond in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined on our support, “Twitter said in a statement. But the action is seen as mediating the content of some, although the term Twitter is clearly giving the company the right to remove content you want, really.

“We reserve the right at all times (but not the obligation) to remove or refuse to distribute any content on the service,” said Twitter in their TOS. They also expressed the Twitter user “can not use our services for illegal purposes or in furtherance of illegal activity. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and apply acceptable content. ‘

Apparently, removing the offending tweets were not enough. UEJF want to hold them accountable, and they want to help Twitter.

Twitter, which served their strong support for freedom of speech and the protection of user privacy in the past, also made some decisions have not been thrown into question recent commitment (at least in the eyes of the activists freedom of speech). Back in September, Twitter finally surrendered to the Manhattan DA office and handed over the old, tweets can be accessed from the occupy Wall Street protesters. To be fair to Twitter, they struggled mightily, only to give up when facing a hefty fine.

Back in January, Twitter also gives them the ability to censor local content. “We gave ourselves the ability to withstand reactive content of users in a specific country – while available worldwide. We have also developed a way to communicate transparently to users when content is withheld, and why, “they said.

It took nearly nine months of Twitter to use the ability, when at that time they block the account of neo-Nazis in Germany alone, leaving it accessible worldwide. In the case of # unbonjuif tweets, Twitter is not censoring local tactics – they just pull them from the site altogether.

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Tumblr Android App Now Supports Tablets

Social networks have emerged and became popular before the explosion of mobile is now working to move to a moving vehicle. One of those services is the presence of mobile tumblr and it got a little stronger on Android.

Tumblr today announced that it has released an update to the Android app that adds compatibility for tablets. Nexus Nexus 7 and 10 users rejoice because they can update their blogs directly from their mobile devices. Assume that the application will work on a variety of Android tablets from Samsung, Acer and Lenovo. As for other changes, the app update brings new design Following screen and some updates.

While the Android tablet owners can now have an optimized experience Tumblr, iPad owners were left out in the cold. Tumblr ios still only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Of course, the application works on an iPad, but not optimized.

That said, the iPad app will be available soon. It’s a little weird to just put the tablet-optimized Android and iPad. There are too many “artists” are Tumblr by iOS ignore that part of the user population. At this point, however, you might have to expect a miracle Christmas get iPad apps before the end of the year.

Android users can grab the latest update on the Tumblr app from Android Market. Tumblr users on Android phones and they will want to update to the next screen and update the new slim design.

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