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Yahoo Gives A Peek At BrowserPlus

Corporate portals open to looking at a browser-as-platform application service called BrowserPlus, extender dynamic online services.

Platform of Rich Internet applications are received another addition to a field that contains Adobe Air, Google Gears, and an assortment of startups like Pageflakes and Netvibes Yahoo BrowserPlus gives people see. Service has quietly built for about a year.

Yahoo BrowserPlus developers say they hope to receive valuable feedback about the platform as they continue their development. New features extracted from the input should come and complete the current crop, which includes drag and drop from the desktop, image editing, and desktop notifications.

One of the current features, Uploadr Flickr, which lets multiple filters to play with BrowserPlus. By examining and removing the check in the box, we can quickly create an image of Cinderella Castle at Disney World grayscale and sepia tone. If desired, the sidebar allows quick addition of images on Flickr.

“BrowserPlus service enables us to Chip away from the benefits of” going native “, by exposing things like notifications, text to speech conversion, direct communication network, and client-side repeated storage for saving preferences, “Yahoo said the project as it becomes available to external developers.

“The result is the ability to write a web site that can simulate a lot of good interaction patterns for the original application, without any sacrifice of traditional web applications.”

Several commenters suggested Yahoo BrowserPlus page should include efforts on Google Gears, instead of giving people another download to install. “If not, we are writing code to check for browser extensions instead of the browser, and then we came in 1998,” suggested one.

The BrowserPlus adoption by developers and the applications they create will determine how it is embraced by the public using the public internet. BrowserPlus works with Windows XP / Vista with Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 and above, and Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 (Intel only build) with Firefox 2 and higher and Apple Safari.

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Turkey Ask Google for $ 47 million in taxes

It seems that Google’s accounting practices may not be fully aligned Turkey with the applicable procedures. In fact, the Turkish government is determined that the search giant is owed a little more than $ 47 million in unpaid taxes.

Robin Wauters wrote earlier today, “local media reported (link in Turkish) teaches us that the Turkish government has the right to claim additional tax due to the fact Google operates online advertising in the country and proud even offices and subsidiaries listed in there while the bill and payments of Irish origin. ‘

Wauters then continued, “Google, which [are] the market leader in search and online advertising in Turkey, not surprising reply claims that he runs operations from the ad network in Ireland .. .. Google said it had acted in accordance with the tax laws of each country in which it operates, including Turkish laws, and that negotiations with the government on this issue is ongoing. ‘

However, if you Google or do not follow the letter of the law, may not exactly favor. After all, YouTube is blocked in Turkey for almost a year and a half since only a few user-generated video claimed that the founder of gay state so the Turkish authorities demonstrated a real ability to misplace blame and hold grudges.

Google’s market cap, by the way, is $ 170 billion, so $ 47 million at least does not represent any fatal blows.

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Anonymous Will Allow To Be Trademark Their Logo?

Anonymous Logo is one of the defining images of our generation. You agree with them or not, Anonymous has had a profound impact on the Internet. That is why it is interesting that Anonymous does not try to monetize their images. Of course, it may be that the French online retailer beat them here.

Twitter user @ asher_wolf a trademark filing from earlier this year sought to claim for their own Anonymous logo. You know the one – the match with a question mark to stand in front of world leaders. It is more synonymous Anonymous movement than the Guy Fawkes mask. The variation of the question marks have arisen because some people just trolling Anonymous Scientology church from 4chan / b / board.

The long history of the logo is why this strange news. Why trademark now? The man behind the trademark is a French named Apollinaire Auffret. He worked for Early flicker and retailers have started selling merchandise Anonymous through their eBay store.

What is interesting not only Auffret trademark logo, but he also raised the slogan – “Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. ‘

The person responsible for selling trademark graphic quality is very suspect T-shirt. You can see from the store all the t-shirt has a graphic taken from a wide variety of popular sources on the web. She may think that Anonymous is enough proving popular t-shirt.

Unfortunately, he can only invite attacks on stores and Web site. Anonymous is traditional to use the copyrights and trademarks for any reason. Some groups may find that the trademark is an offense to their beliefs. Of course, it could also be a person Anonymous hopes to make a few extra dollars from the brand. Disclosure of the team members makes it difficult to pin down or their motivation.

If you feel like you should have a t-shirt Anonymous, you can do one of the stores for € 19.90. You may want to make one now before the start of Anonymous attacking the poor.

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There are New Yahoo Search Deal With AVG

AVG antivirus maker announced Thursday that it has formed a new distribution relationship with search and Yahoo. Offering the AVG Safe Search now powered by Yahoo. It is interesting, given that Yahoo’s own search powered by Bing.

AVG CEO JR Smith said, “AVG is excited to work with Yahoo! to help provide Internet users with peace of mind when searching the web or access their favorite online features. This relationship is a shift from the previous strategy of the company entered into an agreement of exclusive search and search advertising services business. Consumers have many choices when it comes to how they access the internet, and our goal is to keep them safe, every step of the way. ‘

Yahoo SVP of connected Shashi Seth adds, “Internet users everywhere want to access online content easily without having to worry about security threats. We are committed to provide a rich search experience for users of AVG and see this relationship as a strategic way for us to enrich and expand our footprint looking forward. ‘

AVG Safe Search aims to protect people from “dangerous websites and online threats,” and use its LinkScanner technology. Here’s a little more about the product from AVG website:

AVG Safe Search is telling you before you visit a malicious web page to confirm your identity, personal information, and the computer is protected. In addition, we integrated AVG not control Track brings you your privacy.

AVG says provides security and mobile Intenet 143 million active users.

According to the latest figures from comScore, Yahoo part of the U.S. core search market in decline, down 0.1% year-over-year to 12.1%

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Want To Increase Your Sales In Pinterest?

This week, comScore gave a monthly list of the top 50 websites in the United States (in terms of unique visitors), and Pinterest made the list for the first time. It’s still growing. As it continues to attract more users, online retailers continue to try and use them to their advantage and sell more items.

Are you to use Pinterest to boost your online sales? Have you ever bought something you find on Pinterest? Let us know in the comments.

We spoke with Matt Pine, VP Marketing at Ubokia, services, allowing consumers to post what they want and be able to match people to sell things. “Think Craigslist in reverse, but now people are looking for something that you do not have to spend the whole day sitting behind a screen press the refresh button, you can post your ‘want’, and the item (the seller) will find you, “said Pine.

That Ubokia particular advantage of Pinterest to match buyers and sellers, so the company knew little about the e-commerce side of Pinterest.

“In general, I think has the potential to provide the greatest evolution in e-commerce since Google launched AdWords Pinterest,” said Pine WebProNews. “Of course there are countless factors that come into play. In essence though, Pinterest is the biggest ‘discovery’ machine ever seen. If Pinterest can generate ways to properly integrate modules or processes for users to actually get the items that they think they can definitely a powerhouse in the world of e-commerce. ‘

Pinterest has said it is interested in e-commerce. It has a section of the prizes, which allows you to search for items by price.

“Well, Pinterest is about image, so that it starts with the quality of the picture,” Pine said, when asked about the best practices for selling items via Pinterest. “Remarks on Pinterest underutilized, but key to appear on Pinterest search. Seller will need to ensure that their images link directly to the page where one can buy the item. For example, we have a number of jewelry retailers to list items for sale Ubokia, then pin items from Ubokia on Pinterest. By way of an interested buyers can directly contact the seller or make a purchase. ‘

“The confusing part is getting enough online marketable [of] the attention of potential buyers enough to convert sales,” she continued. “With Pinterest, it means that the seller will need to develop high quality pin board to build a huge following and generate significant repins. The only way to really achieve this through Pinterest to organic practices clamp quality, original content. Unlike SEO, is not really an effective way to increase artificially the following persons Pinterest. ‘

“In addition, the seller must pay attention to Pinterest to reach people who Repin their content,” he added. “All repiners and followers the potential customer and seller need to reach them. Communicating Pinterest is not easy as the only option is to leave comments on user pin. ‘

Facebook is currently testing a feature that can compete directly with Pinterest, although it is important for the growth of Facebook itself is Pinterest. With these features, retailers can provide users with the ability to “I” items, and make a list of expectations.

While Pine admitted that he did not have the opportunity to experiment with the features, he said, “I believe that Facebook is on track to bring into the fold of Facebook social commerce concept ‘want’, but it provides user the ability to claim that they want something just a small part of the equation in leading a successful transaction. Facebook will need to develop a platform that will allow the seller to find a buyer that is relevant, and then talk to them. ‘

“In addition, the platform requires a transaction module as well,” he added. “Basically, we’re talking about a complete e-commerce platform. How does Facebook handle rating, fraud, spam, etc? ‘

“Developing a market is not something that can be developed overnight from the ground up – even the resources of Facebook,” says Pine. “Marketplaces are not developed overnight. In addition, the history detrimental Facebook users to engage in trade with Facebook. So Facebook has developed an efficient process of thinking to apply Facebook commerce experience. At the end of the day, Facebook has always had the potential to be a contender because of their Facebook. Personally, I’m very excited about it because it just validated the models ‘want’ to ikakalakal. ‘

We will soon have a better idea of ​​the direction of Facebook commerce is coming next month, the company will hold the event to talk more about his offer of Gift, launched in September.

Pinterest can find a way to play feature.

As the sale of goods by Pinterest, you are more likely to find success in a particular category at the moment.

“Jewelry, home decor, fashion and jump as well, but we also see people using Pinterest and Ubokia in creative ways,” said Pine. “For example, a very popular craft on Pinterest, and we see consumers not the creative capacity, but the desire to want to buy finished products from Pinterest post.”

Pinterest has expanded its category as well, and I hope it will continue to grow as the size of the audience.

It should be noted that Pinterest seems to have done better than Facebook and Twitter, when it comes to the average order value.

This week, Pinterest announced that it is launching a new site feature verification. It is important for users to build trust, and worth considering for business e-commerce.

Do you think you will be an important tool for online business Pinterest? Does it? Share your thoughts.

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