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This Business Is Furious With Google For Removal Of Hundreds

In May, Google announced Google+ Local, which will replace the Place Page, and improvement of local evaluation efforts throughout Google’s search results. We have written in the past about how the transition will be worth clicking the business, and we have seen some pretty crazy business talking about Google deleting review, which again, is worth the customers.

How do you think the transition Google+ Google Local? Was it the right move for Google? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Wichita Suzuki car dealers have a bad experience with transitions Google. Businesses have lost hundreds of reviews, consider an important source of marketing. Company President, Scott Pitman, a blog about the situation, show time events.

Aaron Wirtz, social media manager at the dealership, WebProNews says, “It is difficult to calculate exactly how it has affected our business. Fortunately our regular customers do not need to check the reviews of Google know that they want to do business here, but how many potential customers will find our list and turn? ‘

In the course of about a month and a half, Google has removed the reviews more and more, according to dealers. On July 15, the number of reviews is dropped 418-405. On August 1 they drop 405-281. On August 3 they dropped 281-9.

Think about it for a second. Are you more than 400 reviews for your business, many are positive, and that number is quickly reduced to 9. 3 or 4 of 9, Wirtz tells us, is negative.

In a blog post, Pitman share some screenshots, claims reserves. Here, you can find 418 reviews:

Here, you can see the 9 reviews in Google, Google displays even from the main search results:

It does not necessarily reflect the number of small business review, regardless of the ratio of positive to negative, except maybe the business is brand new. The company was founded in 2007, and claimed to rank # 1 Suzuki Automotive Retailers in the United States in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Note: In another screenshot that goes with the top, showing the relationship “more reviews” at 169, still far less than what the company once had.

“We’re not just in Wichita dealers affected by this problem,” notes Wirtz. “But our case is certainly one of the most interesting.”

“A lot of deals in Wichita so far unaffected, but the dealer in Wichita is left with nothing but 0/3 review, gave them 0/30 score on average,” he said.

Wirtz put this video on the situation:

“During the bumpy transition from Local Area, thousands of businesses have lost customer reviews submitted also that Google collected for them now,” said Pitman blog post. “We’re hearing reports of lost business studies three times within a period of 30 months.”

“The problem is, review disappear without warning or explanation, and many businesses affected collected reviews with integrity,” he added. “Any attempt to contact Google will produce blurry, canned response citing the whole list of reasons why reviews may or may not be removed. Even now, I do not have a customer service team to answer questions on Yahoo local reviews and online, citing the reason that Local is a free service. ‘

Automotive News, who interviewed Mr. Pitman, shared a statement from Google on the matter, saying that Google aims to avoid “spam” content, even at the risk of sometimes remove legitimate reviews.

Wirtz told WebProNews, “We do not feel like one review that ‘spam’. Each post reviews written by customers to do business with us, which contains specific information about the transaction, and most of the reviews mentioned our staff members by name. None of the reviews contain links, irrelevant text, or any of the other features commonly associated with spam postings. ‘

Google has restored some of the reviews. When we checked in with 54 of them (still good less than 418 companies in mid-July.

“Most of the reviews seem to be restored to its original removed,” Wirtz told us. “We know that some of the reviews is new, however.”

Fortunately, for the Suzuki of Wichita, the business has a rating of 27 (with 26 and 30 described by Google as “extraordinary to perfection”). That seems pretty good, and it is impossible to prevent a lot of potential customers.

Wirtz agreed that 27 looks “pretty good,”

“But our customers declare our business is 29/30, the average value we have posted for this,” he added.

So how much help Google in this business, after the removal of the reviews?

“The conversation we should have spoken only Google AdWords representative, who sounded very sympathetic and helpful, but because the local Yahoo was not under their jurisdiction (no customer service department exists for that product), each communicating with them broken like this , “Wirtz said we, describes the process as:

We explained the situation to them (ie missing reviews, etc.)
They said they would check with someone they know who is a specialist in the area
Then we get a return email within 24-48 hours containing canned response is why our review “may” disappear. None of the information contained in each new email all of this can be found in the product forum posts

“The re-emergence of some of the reviews we are one of the most puzzling aspects of the whole situation,” said Wirtz. “We rely on two separate correspondence from Google that if lose analysis, past. At this point there is no information from Google can be described as useful. ‘

Wirtz said he shared the response they get from Google in response to the Better Business Bureau Suzuki Wichita complaints filed against the company:

“Thank interaction. I am very sorry to hear that you are having a problem with the reviews on your local Google+ page. It comments that we find / hear the last few weeks and months. And believe me, we get the feedback to heart and work on improvement of the way we gather reviews. At this point, it is impossible for us to find reviews unfortunately lose your business. We realize this may seem unfair, but our engineers are working on a feature to create more stability review (for lack of a better word) are stable. Aaron, we, the Googlers and consumers, understand how important those reviews are a business and believe me when I say we are working to make it a better experience for everyone. Thank you for your understanding. ‘

“The positive reviews is as good as gold,” Pitman said in a blog post from the dealer. “What makes the reviews online so much more interesting than word of mouth referrals that consumers can now reach thousands, maybe millions of others, and analysis, as it is written, be permanently posted online for anyone to find. Or so we thought. ‘

On the other hand, we have to wonder how many of the negative reviews are disappearing, possibly leading to business users do not need to live up to the expectations they have from being available, and more profitable for reviewing.

Are you moving Google+ Google Local, and removal of the review as a significant cost to the business, or a necessary evil just for Google to improve the user experience? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Blue is the Microsoft Windows OS addition, Is Move To Release Annual Cycle

Windows has always been its own protracted release cycle. Microsoft has released a new version of the OS, and then build the next version within the next few years. For example, Windows 7 was released three years ago in 2009, and we have only just now seen the launch of Windows 8. Strategies that could change next year.

Verge reports that the next operating system of Microsoft Windows codenamed Blue. It was launched in mid-2013, and following an annual cycle as Apple releases OS X.

According to sources the verge, Windows Blue features a few UI changes, but the real star is the new annual release cycle. That means that Microsoft will follow Apple’s footsteps in providing annual updates that are more expensive than regular service package that extends the life of the previous Windows operating system. The best part is that the report suggests that Microsoft may even offer annual Blue Windows upgrade for free to make sure everyone is on the same page.

These Developers are affected by the changes, however, in the sense that they are not able to develop applications for Windows 8. The integration of Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms require developers to build specific Windows Blue. That said, applications built on Windows 8 is rumored to working on a Windows Blue.

Steps to an annual release cycle Microsoft will also help reduce software piracy rampant Windows will always suffer. They are using a pirated copy of Windows 8 will see that the built-in applications and the Windows Store will cease to work after upgrading to Windows Blue. He did not say whether they are pirated copies legitimate Offered as an upgrade, but it seems like a logical choice.

If the Windows Blue is true, it is a refreshing change of pace for the Windows platform. Microsoft will need to accelerate the iteration of Windows, and it will achieve it. This will also help companies avoid the increased competition from Apple and Google – both offer an operating system that is frequently updated with new features.

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Yahoo Some Hollow Core Ring

Yahoo features obtained by calculating whole Compete, but not getting led by big-name content areas like Search, Maps, or sports.

Video represents altered Yahoo place since May 2006, describes the five-digit percentage catches region that has enjoyed the analysis of Competing Property Trends Yahoo Search. It became the biggest jump from year to year for Yahoo.

Competing Jeremy director Derek also notes the wonderful getting persuaded by Yahoo Answers. The year over year to achieve jumped 824 percent, trailing only cartoon-like 21,636 percent increase in Video.

Derek said in his post that looks Competing from the perspective of the data consumer prevailed. Who goes where to Yahoo moving figures, but not all of Yahoo enjoyed positive traction with visitors.

Search covered many times, may grip the first lags Google Yahoo handle approximately one-quarter of the U.S. search market share. Compete With these calculations, search remained relatively flat.

The map is a connection to the antenna in other areas, such as local search and travel. Certainly not the only way for the features, but it does not feed them. A visit to Maps and Travel same year over year rate by single digits in terms of percentage.

Sports unhealthy weight in February after the end of the NFL. Yahoo has always offered a lot of content and some good fantasy games Sports section. Maybe sports blogs and in-your-face style they got the audience takes full arsenal ESPN channel and website.

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Without Realtime Search, Google News Search the risks pushing Far To Twitter

Google has never returned realtime search features? Is Google and Twitter have reached another deal that gives Google access to the Twitter firehose needed to create a useful feature? The feature worked without Twitter?

These are the questions we have been asked many times for deals completed last year, and realtime search feature goes way. Given that Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible, being superior product search, it seems that this is an area that Google should be crucified. Unfortunately, this is far from the case.

Now, the best place to look for if you want to look up to the second news and comment about something happening “now,” there’s no doubt Twitter. That may still be the case even though I have the feature, but I am / have the luxury of as the starting point for the search for the most people.

In our recent conversation with Mark Schaefer, author of The Tao of Twitter, and want to see what he thinks about. We asked:

How bad is Google needs to get back on Twitter firehose for realtime search? Do you think that Google is missing an important feature without it? At the same time, Twitter is the benefit of people do not Google for this type of search?

“Twitter is trying to reign it in as a way to create more opportunities for monetization,” said Schaefer WebProNews. “To the extent that they can do that, then yes, Twitter will benefit. The real-time results from Twitter is an irreplaceable asset, unique and extremely important, especially when it comes to providing search results ‘warm’ by comments from friends at the time. ‘

“Very ironic that Google + is conservative so by providing access to their API,” he added. “At SXSW last year, Google’s Vic Gundrota say before they are available, they want to make sure it is the right thing to do is not satisfied with the way the people. In hindsight, his comments seem prescient! ‘

Because Google rid of features, Twitter is doing something to improve its own search realtime. If Google is not careful, it can snowball Twitter support. Twitter has become the main source of news on the web, and publishers becoming distanced themselves from Google News.

“The new data from the Social practices project revealed that Twitter is the benefit of the youth movement,” Schaefer told us. “People between 12-17 seem to accumulate now on Twitter. Do they use it for straight news? Probably not! ‘

“As a comparison, I surround myself with experts in Twitter marketing frankly I could find,” he added. “For the most part, on this subject, my Twitter RSS feed and believe it is one that is very effective. Now, news breaks on Twitter. So, yes, Twitter can be a good news feed what you want. ‘

Twitter replacing Google News for more people? Twitter care about the news. They recently provided a set of best practices for journalists.

“The news breaks on Twitter, both locally and internationally, wide or narrow interests,” Twitter analysis of recent research scientist Jimmy Lin said. “When you break the news, Twitter users flock to the service to find out what happened. Our goal is to instantly connect people everywhere to what’s most meaningful to them, the speed at which our content (and the relevance of the signal obtained from it) makes it grow more technically challenging, and hard We very difficult to continue to improve our relevance algorithms to overcome it. ‘

“Just to give an example: search, boiled down to the basics, is about the long-term statistical computing such as frequency and inverse document frequency,” he added. “Most of these algorithms assume some static notion of the underlying distribution – which is certainly not the case here!”

“During the main event, the frequency of query spike dramatically,” said Lin. “For example, at 5 October [2011], shortly after the death of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs, ‘steve jobs’ query jumped from the volume fraction ignore the needs of 15% of the demand flow – nearly one in six of all questions provided! ‘

It is interesting that even Google recognizes the role of Twitter is growing in the news consumption habits of looking ‘content. One of Google’s official Twitter account tweeted out today:

A link to the piece Brand Republic, saying:

The study, seen exclusively by Media Week, from Ipsos Media showed that 20% of Europe top employers, including the chief executive and chief financial officer, spent more time on Twitter a month average, than the global business websites such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and Economist.

The data revealed that the business elites in the daily consumption of the Financial Times and The Economist.

Only the news, may also social element of Twitter, and Google is becoming looking for personalized search based on social relationships. Twitter (not to mention Facebook) play an important role here as well, even in real-time terms, if relevant, but it does not look like it’s happening anytime soon.

By the way, Twitter (like any other Google competitor) hunting Googlers. They reportedly just Google director of business development, Matthew Derrella.

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The Pirate Bay Is Banned In UK

We reported a few months ago with a High Court ruling is currently pending on whether or not The Pirate Bay ISP to block UK. Looks like they got their wish copyright industries of the British High Court ruled should be able to block the host torrent.

The BBC reported that the decision to make it to the Sky, All Everywhere, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin Media today to block The Pirate Bay access from the UK. Apparently the High Court’s decision not to publish, but the British Phonographic Industry glad to talk to them.

BPI chief executive Geoff Taylor said the high court agreed to it on The Pirate Bay He also used the age old argument “infringe copyright on a large scale.” That the people who run the site revenue by “using commercial music and other creative works. ‘

ISPs take the more cautious response to the news. Virgin Media told the BBC that they comply with the court order, but they believe that direct access to the block is not the right move. They felt that instead of blocking piracy, companies must compete against piracy with better service. Virgin specifically mention Spotify as an alternative to legislation that has proven very successful.

While the UK will block direct access to The Pirate Bay, ISP in the U.S. will use different ways to “punish” the pirate media. It is “Graduated response” program that seeks to educate caught file-sharing and introduce stiff penalties if the initial scare tactics failed.

While the U.S. has better response to piracy, the more people are likely to get a letter from their ISP. Hard to compete with piracy as an alternative service like Hulu are now losing their value because cable companies do not want to grow and offer better services.

Do you think the UK should block Web sites such as The Pirate Bay? Or you agree to the Virgin Media companies have to compete with piracy instead of trying to destroy it? Let us know in the comments.

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