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Yandex Beats Google For A Free Cloud Storage Service

Yandex search in Russia’s dominant market, taking 60% + of all searches in the country. In Februrary, they launched a new social features to discover, nabbing access Twitter. And last month, the company will be added to the NASDAQ Internet Index. Although Yandex is the main local players nowadays, they are now clearly a major player in the global market.

Now, they take it one step further with the opening of Yandex.Disk, cloud service which offers 10 GB of free storage. As with cloud services (Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud), upload the file to your locker can be accessed from anywhere connected to the Internet – in some devices.

“Yandex.Disk cloud services, virtual folders that can be safely used for file storage. If your personal computer or laptop caught a virus or corrupted, your files are stored securely on Yandex.Disk. Currently, Yandex.Disk Yandex.Mail incorporated in, and we have plans to connect to other services offered by Yandex, “said Anton Zabannykh, head Yandex Personalized Service.

So far, Yandex.Disk is invitation only and is only available in Russian. There is a top UK site, however, where they told us that the English version is “coming soon.”

Search giant launch cloud storage service … where I heard about recently? Ah yes, the guys over at Google. They are rumored to be prepping to launch their own services is relatively easy. Last week, Google Drive is seen in the wild sport 5 GB of free storage. Recent reports have set the release last month, but the exact date is unknown.

But one thing is clear: the cloud storage market began bustling, and Yandex just beat Google to the punch.

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What To Expect When The Walking Dead back in February [Extract]

Fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead to wait a few months before returning show after the mid-season finale on Sunday. The network has uploaded some new videos on YouTube channels that reflect the latest episode and continue to look for the rest. Here, we share the view of the AMC episode 308 and teaser for the upcoming second half of the season.

Here, you can see what the players say about the second half of the season:

If that was not enough, here is a “sneak peek” in episode 309:

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Wal-Mart, eBay Try Out New Search Engine

Reuters reported today that both eBay and Wal-Mart replacing their outdated search engine to compete with online retailers such as Amazon.

The report states that eBay will soon implement a new search engine that calls the “Cassini”, to replace the old Ebay search pity “tourists.” In 2008, eBay sellers and do not ever hold back their criticism. From the Reuters story:

Since then, eBay has been hiring spree to refine your search. The number of employees working in the area has tripled to more than 150. EBay also boiled some engineers from Microsoft’s Bing search Corp unit, including Ken Moss, who runs the Seattle office, and Hugh Williams, who oversees the new search engine for eBay, Cassini, which combined in 2013.

Wal-Mart also offers an online store to look for updates, but it would be a different route with the design. Reuters quoted Anand Rajaraman, senior vice president for global e-commerce Wal-Mart, which states that the new search engine at Wal-Mart created under nine months with only 10 to 15 developers. The newly discovered related “terms and phrases that people use when describing the product, not matching the query words exactly on the list.”

The Reuters story states that if sites like eBay and Wal-Mart increase their search enough, they could threaten Google’s shopping search results. It seems far-fetched, though, the company is to deliver shopping results from your competitors to match Google’s usability.

Of course, these companies may only use Amazon’s own quest to apply, is available as part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS). I think Amazon directly defeats the purpose of the payment increase their search, though. What do you think? EBay sellers can impress with the Cassini? Wal-Mart is looking to improve enough to overtake the Amazon website? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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Why is Jerry Jones rap about Papa John?

You do not have to do it, Jerry. There is no need to do so.

There is a new ad for Papa John’s pizza featuring Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, and it was really bad. Not so bad that it was good, just really really bad.

Something something about Jerry Jones shot like Roman Candle. One thing about the double threat. It knocks Jerry Jones – it’s all you really need to know. YouTube description says that “there are three things Texans: pizza, football and Jerry Jones knock” Can the Texans prove it?

Courtesy of Loomis Agency, which fashion themselves as “lead agency to help the underdogs who find their voice and fight the big dogs.”

Apparently, this is not the first time the agency has put Pope John Jerry Jones commercial. Let’s just hope that Jerry is a good hands-on manager of the team this year than he has in whatever the hell it is.

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