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Yandex Opens Cloud Storage Services for All

Back in April the Russian search giant Yandex launched Yandex.Disk, their new cloud storage service. At the time, it’s just an invitation and is only available in Russian. Now, they dropped the invitation and begin the terms of service for all.

“We have had wonderful feedback on our invitation-only period. We would like to thank everyone who helped us to improve the service. Now, Yandex.Disk invite all to join and try our mobile application, Glory wonderful for cloud services. Now our door is open to everyone, “said Vladimir Rusinov, head Yandex.Disk.

Yandex.Disk is a major cloud storage service that allows users to upload, store, and share files across multiple platforms. Yandex.Disk also iOS and Android apps that allow for easy synchronization device.

Offering 10GB of free storage, and doubles if the user introduce the service to friends.

At that time, Yandex.Disk is important for reasons other than just to offer up to 20GB of free cloud storage. Launching early April defeating much discussed Google Drive service, which ended the official launch in late April.

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Preview Watch Dog Released: Ubisoft hired

Ubisoft today released the first look Watch Dog as the game became a surprise hit E3 this past spring.

For those who missed Ubisoft, AOS E3 announcement and the accompanying gameplay footage, Watch Dog is a cyberpunk game set in the near future, Äúliving, AU world tomorrow. Players take on the role of Aiden Pearce, a hacker, AOS ability allows him to solve connect to any city, AOS, Operating Systems ÄúCentral, AU. This allows him to hack phones, security cameras, and

Focus today, AOS trailer, oddly enough, did not note the dog. By the time that game companies laying off hundreds of employees, it seems that Ubisoft will employ. The entire video is directed to attract game developers to apply for a job in one of Ubisoft, AOS development studio. A similar video was released last week to the recording feature of your splinter: Blacklist.

Watch Dog Most find gameplay video footage released at E3, but today, trailer AOS is to highlight the development work done in the game. In particular, this work emphasizes the face of the cut scenes, shown speaking people Aiden looks very similar to Oh Dae-su from Oldboy.

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YouTube Takes You To School Classroom 2.0

In an effort to ensure that your child does not use chalk and blackboard eraser make the problem more or, actually, for anything, YouTube has kicked off a new service available to special schools.

YouTube for Schools lets schools access free educational videos while limiting any other access to other content that might be considered less education (so no more Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat video for your children while you are in school). To focus attention on the video content, YouTube for Schools service will do away with the related videos to see you mess with the right toolbar and prohibited any comments from showing, the audience is really just to see the video by the integration of forward thinking provider of educational content video as TED and PBS. school is to prepare the material is available only in their school network. Taught to look for videos on YouTube EDU entire collection of educational videos, which are categorized by level of education and subjects. See below YouTube video together to highlight some of their purpose in their new operations:

New YouTube-integrated educational services is a great tool for any program distance learning school may struggled to deliver in the past. Students will be able to watch videos on science experiments, help with math homework, study and practice of foreign languages, and follow international events both past and present.

More information can be found on YouTube for Schools FAQ or post a question in the Google Product Forums.

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Yahoo Mail About To Get Big Refresh

Yahoo Mail will soon refresh the main, according to a report from Kara Swisher, with a strong track record of violations related to the Yahoo news and share information leaked from within the company.

Last week, Swisher shared a few screenshots of the Yahoo homepage is rumored to be imminent, which he said would be held in December, and he told the AOS today, quoting sources close to the company, the new, Äúmore Gmail-like version, AU from Yahoo Mail also will launch in December.

According to Swisher, AOS sources, CEO Marissa Mayer (a former Googler, of course) to better compete with Gmail, Yahoo, and felt it would be missing a great opportunity to do so.

According to the latest data from comScore, Yahoo still leads the U.S. for Gmail, but Gmail is taken to be in the world, AOS offers the most popular webmail. In fact, the data also follows Microsoft’s Yahoo, Hotmail AOS worldwide.

If the new Yahoo Mail came in December, I would think that we ‘ll see some screen shots leaked quite easily. It will be interesting to see how much resemblance to Gmail.

Of course, Gmail ISN, AOT still stands. Google continues to push updates, such as new writing and adding the result to the Gmail search results. Google will also continue to integrate Google+ social layer for all products with the aim of creating a more unified Google experience. Gmail is the main part of this puzzle Google+ user base grows.

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Watch this webinar About Marketing with Google Analytics

Google recently posted a hour-long webinar on Marketing with Google Analytics. Google launched a feature earlier this year in beta, to help users create marketing lists based on specific audience who visit their site and show interest in the product.

Google says the video description:

This webinar profound example of how to use remarketing with Google Analytics. With this tool, you can use Google Analytics valuable insights about your website visitors showing interest in your products and services – for example, visitors who spend time viewing certain pages or placing items in their shopping cart. Once you have identified your audience, you can run your ads across the Google Display Network (GDN) correlated with the audience. Take advantage of Google Analytics was tagged and easily create and edit a list using Google Analytics advanced segmentation capabilities.

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