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Zuckerberg Gives $ 500 million stake in Facebook for Charity

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg somewhat in the spirit of Christmas. Some time ago, he announced he donated a hefty amount to a local charity. Donations which will come in the form of Facebook shares – cargo ship.

“Now, to lay the groundwork for a new project, we contribute 18 million shares Facebook in Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Together, we will seek education and health to focus on next. I hope we may be able to have a positive impact on our next set of projects, “said the CEO of Facebook in a post on Facebook.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a charitable organization, said that they “provide visionary leadership in the community by identifying the challenges that arise in our region, the challenge through our grant program, our research and our ability to bring together diverse groups of problem solvers, and develop and stimulate the generous community to strengthen the common good “.

The gift of magic from the 18 million shares of Facebook is only $ 499 million given the current stock price of $ 27.71 Facebook.

“Two years ago, Priscilla and I signed the pledge Giving, accepting an offer to give most of the money we earn to charity. Our first major project in education reform Startup: Education in Newark, NJ. I’m really proud of the work we did there, helping leaders like Governor Chris Christie and Mayor Cory Booker signed the most progressive teachers in the country, the district opened four new high schools, 11 new charter schools and more, “says Zuckerberg .

Giving is a campaign promise to ensure that the wealthiest people in the United States provides “most of their wealth” to charity. It is spearheaded by Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates.

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You Could Be Waiting Months To See Effects of Tool Link deny Google

If you hit Penguin updates, you may need to use Google’s new tool link to decline, especially if you can get a bad link removed. That’s the message we get from Google’s Matt Cutts.

Cutts and Google really emphasize that the majority of people do not use the tool, and only one painted as a tool of last resort kind of thing, but Danny Sullivan has posted a Q & A session in which Cutts He said:

“[Google’s announcement last week post] heading saying anyone who has an unnatural relationship warning. It also says people affected by Penguin, but I keep starting ask about it. I reiterate that if you are exposed to Penguin and know or think you might have a bad link, you can use it “where U.S. …

Here is the exact text of the original post:

“If your site is affected by the update algorithm Penguin and you believe it may be because you generate spam or low quality links to your site, you may want to look at your site and link backlinks decline results from the scheme links violates Google’s guidelines. ‘

Cutts Sullivan asked how long it take for the site to see the improvements, which asks whether the site may need to consider the time it takes for Google to push another update Penguin. Google initially indicated that it may be a matter of weeks, but here, Cutts identified for several months.

“Can it really be time consuming, and potentially months,” Cutts was quoted as saying. “There is a time delay for data to be entered in the index. Then there may be a delay time after that to refresh the data in different algorithms. ‘

As you know Penguin victim, webmasters may wait long enough for Google to roll out refreshed.

Although Cutts says that you can use the tool if you are exposed to Penguin, do not mean that it is useless if you use not really trying to get the link removed first. He also told Sullivan that you should not count on it to work if I do not see any links that actually came from the web.

While the tool is something that some webmasters and SEO wanted for a long time, it may be silver bullet that they are actually looking for. Even Google acknowledged in the original post about the tool can not ignore some of the links you send.

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Watch Out Nike: 3D Printer Is Gunning For Your Job

I’m not a person who “shoes”, although I understand why people have an obsession with leather and rubber mistakes we put on our feet. When wearing a pair of good shoes, they can look better and run faster. That’s why many Nike put technology to help athletes perform better, but 3D printers can be a day’s work away from them.

A French engineer and designer by the name of Luc Fusaro create a pair of shoes with a 3D printer as part of a final project for master degree at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. What makes this shoe so special beyond those produced by a 3D printer? Fusaro claim the shoes improve an athlete’s performance by 3.5 percent. May seem small, but it is a huge advantage in the world of competitive athletics.

So how Fusaro? He said that the current model creates a custom shoe for athletes benefit only the best of the best in the mass production of shoes using standard technology that has been in place for years. This method scans Fusaro athlete’s foot and pick the perfect shoes for them.

Unfortunately, the shoe is not yet perfect. Fusaro said he was in the process of fine tuning shoes for maximum comfort and flexibility. Shoe upper end is still very hard to offer a real competitive advantage.

Regardless, it is a major success for 3D printers. Open this new avenues for all kinds of changes in every field imaginable. You will learn how a 3D printer may soon to create organs for patients awaiting transplant, but they also help inspire the traditional model of buying a special product with Prices are ridiculous. Using a 3D printer, you only need to buy a printer and materials to make these things themselves. We may actually see a future where the downloaded cars, boats, toys and everything else to make it home.

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Transparent Devices At Horizon

Want to look through your phone Wrap around your wrist? Things like not likely soon, according to James Tour of Rice University chemistry, in which the laboratory is developed transparent, flexible memory using silicon oxide as the active component.

In a speech at the national conference and exposition of the American Chemical Society in San Diego, the Tour announced that a new type of memory can incorporate as a transparent electrode developed at Rice for flexibility and transparent touchscreens and batteries integrated circuits developed in other laboratories in recent years.

“In general, you can see a bit of memory, because it is too small,” said Tour, Rice TT and WF Chao seats in Chemistry and a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and of computer science. “But the silicon itself is not transparent. If the circuit density is high enough, you’ll see it. ‘

Rice transparent memory based on the 2010 discovery of a strong push by the cost of a common silicon oxide, an insulator that is widely used in electronics, producing pure crystalline silicon channel less than 5 nanometers wide. Initial stress appears to strip the oxygen atoms from the silicon oxide, lower cost then repeatedly break and reconnect the circuit and turn them into nonvolatile memory. A smaller signal can be used to poll the state memory with no change.

That discovery was reported on the front page New York Times. The Rice lab was developed as a working memory of two terminal devices can be stacked in a three-dimensional configuration and attached to a flexible substrate.

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Ultraviolet Code Crackdown on eBay Start

In an effort to get consumers to start investing their earnings package media again, ultraviolet Hollywood studio embraced the format, which basically allows users to watch movies purchased on any device supporting cloud-based digital locker. For example, let’s say you really get “Avatar”, but you have a doctor’s appointment scheduled that shit right in the middle of your display. You can, in theory, pause the movie, a trip to the doctor’s office, and continue to watch movies on your smartphone while waiting for the nurse to collect. It is an interesting idea, for sure, but the movie-goers were not very happy with the performance of this format.

Ultraviolet is owned by five major studios – Sony, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, and 20th Century Fox, to be exact – all struggling to keep consumers interested in the collection of movies they want . So when someone comes along and, through no fault of their own, threatens their business model, the studio will react accordingly. Given shakiness industry today, it is certainly reasonable.

As an eBay user who is accused of copyright infringement for selling his unused code Ultraviolet online. Every time he buys a new movie – in this case, it was “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” – the code will remain online for people to buy, usually for $ 6 a pop. Unfortunately, the studio was not too crazy about the individual code separate from their physical counterparts, and put them up for auction.

This is what Ebay users told The Consumerist:

I took the “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” on Blu-ray this morning. Is that a digital download code for a free copy of the movie Ultraviolet. As the ultraviolet means nothing to me, my code is listed on eBay. Within a few hours from the list it on eBay for copyright infringement. They warned me not to list it, or my account is suspended.

I called their customer service number to explain list revealed errors, and help the lady on the phone was more concerned with the fact that no date of birth attached to the eBay account of 11 years. Once we got that taken care of (actually he refused to help me until I tied my birthday on my account), he basically just kept reading and rereading the email to me repeatedly.

Now, let’s not forget the fact that I sold on eBay before Ultraviolet code. Let also not forget the fact that, at this moment, there is a boat-load (figuratively, not literally – that would be weird) Ultraviolet auction code of life. How, exactly, they are to claim the code Ultraviolet as copyright infringement? This product. Almost no different from me selling physical copies of the Blu-ray I do not want, or the third disc in the set is a copy of the DVD I use. And why would they implement this policy of selective speculation?

Does it take a lot to go through just to make, at least, $ 5? Yes, it is. However, I was working alone, and today is a slow day.

According to attorney Jim Burger, this skill is considered “unbundling”. “[The] use of the code that governs the UV UV license, [] permit [s] the owner of the disk to access the digital content in the cloud and not allow the resale of services,” He said Mesa. In short, unless you want to sell the whole package with unused code, the studio is not too happy with your transaction online.

Burger also added that people who buy the codes from sites such as eBay may be guilty of infringement of copyright itself. All this may seem silly insults from the standpoint of the consumer, but the studio clearly struggling to maintain a foothold in the economy in an age where people can download any type of entertainment that they want to free.

Currently, there are about 20 codes are available for purchase at the auction site, most of them range from $ 2 to $ 5, depending on the title. Because you shelled own hard-earned cash to bring home the title, should be allowed to sell unused code that just want to buy a digital copy? Studio should be allowed to tell you how to sell something you already have? Let us know in the comments section.

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