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Webmaster Changing Structure Internal Linking A Page, Google Recovers From Penguin Update

Other webmasters claim that Google recovered from Penguin updates.

In a post WebmasterWorld forum (by Barry Scwhartz), neildt members said they saw a page that they thought were hit by Penguin, will respond to the ranking for the keyword phrase targeting . “Now it’s just a coincidence that it is restored, or cause changes that we have made throughout our site for this page is based on why we were hit by Penguin,” wrote neildt.

“Basically, from 24 April when we seem to be affected by Google Penguin update, I took a page of really random influences are changing the internal linking structure that points to a page” neildt wrote. “Before April 24th page rank on page 1 of Google for ‘name’ and ‘hotel name city’ as an example of a phrase that we target. After this time, the rankings for the phrase out on page 30 of Google SERPs. ‘

“As of yesterday (Sunday, June 24) when I checked how phrases are making progress and there are some changes in Google SERPs,” continued neildt. “To my surprise we rank on page 1 for ‘city name’ and page 3 for ‘name’.

At this point, it is not clear whether or not Google has launched the refreshed data to update the Penguins over the weekend. We reached the company, and will update when we learn more.

Schwartz, linked to a forum thread where it was discussed in the recovery Penguin, said he heard rumors of another Google update, which may have occurred on Thursday night.

As far as penguins go, obviously it is possible to recover. You may or may not need to start with a newly designed website, but make sure that you are in total compliance with Google’s quality guidelines. For more details about the recent recovery of others, read here.

Webmaster story was recovered, had a Penguin refresh the data.

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Woman Falls Off While Texting Pier, Warns Others

We all know that text messaging while driving is a dangerous combination, though, as you can see while stopped at a light, many drivers are involved in their phones. Now, SMS while walking can be hazardous to your health as well. To prove it, Benton Harbor, Michigan resident Bonnie Miller accidentally fell from the harbor while responding to a text, and although he was embarrassed about the incident (can you blame him?), Miller wanted to warn others about SMS on the way, regardless of the mode (walking, driving, biking, etc..).

According to ABC 57, Miller felt that he would send a text message, do not know that when he’s texting, heading closer to the edge of the pier. Even the fence to prevent users from running straight to the bathroom, tripped over something while Miller SMS and immediately fell into the water. Miller reasons for this situation are given below.

“I will make an appointment for the wrong time and so I sent about three words. Next thing I know the water. ‘

His family (Greg Quinn, husband and children) came to the rescue and jump into Lake Michigan channel to help save him. Michigan officials then called to the scene after receiving a 911 call stating that there were three people in line. Quinn first came to her aid as she heard a voice cry, “Oh, God!” When he fell into the water. Rebecca Van Zant (an observer at the time) came to the Salvage is also jumping into the water to help rescue him.

To see the full story, please see the video below is from South Bend, Indiana 57 ABC TV stations.

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Survive the Twinkies Can The statement After All

When word got last week that the hostess snack-cake manufacturer going under, web memes and fairly exploded with speculation about what the little yellow creme-filled sponge cake. Many people are running to the store to buy some supplies while they still can, while others compared the losses came in the statement of the Zombie (“Zombieland”). But at the beginning of a new week is the news that some company is interested in buying the hostess came, and perhaps Twinkies are not going anywhere, after all.

Among the interested party is a Mexican bakery giant El Bimbo Group, which may have an advantage because of the low cost of sugar in Mexico. Also in the running is Con Agra, the company responsible for snacks like popcorn and moments Pop Crunch ‘N Munch.

As a hostess to go to court today to resolve their bankruptcy, the head of the company seems to believe someone would snatch the right to keep churning out the Twinkies and Sno-Ball. They expressed regret on Friday as they had to close their doors, said in a statement, “We deeply regret the necessity of decision now, but we have the financial resources during prolonged national strike. Brands hostess will move quickly dismiss most of the 18,500 member workforce and focus on selling assets to the highest bidder. ‘

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Launching of YouTube Copyright School For offenders

YouTube has introduced a new campaign that aims to educate users about copyright infringement.

If the company has received a notice of copyright to upload video users, they are required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which includes watching a copyright tutorial and passing a short test to prove they understand the content.

YouTube has also introduced new rules on how to handle the user how to violate copyright rules. Privacy previous YouTube to suspend users who received three valid copyright notice.

YouTube blog explains. “Consider, for example, the old YouTube user who received two copyright notifications four years ago but who’s uploaded thousands of legitimate videos since then without any copyright information . Until now, four years will stay forever user notices despite a solid track record of good behavior, risk creating a new notification – can also be a fake notification – will lead to account suspension . We do not think it’s fair. ‘

“So, now we will begin removing copyright strikes from user accounts in certain limited circumstances, depending on the successful completion of YouTube Copyright School, as well as solid record shows good behavior from time to time. “

YouTube adds that the removal of the strike is not guaranteed and may terminate your account at any time for violation of the Terms of Service.

In addition, YouTube has also launched a redesigned copyright center aims to help better educate users about policy.

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Use Addictomatic To Find Yourself

If you are one of the social media started, chances are you googling yourself more than once a day. In fact, it is likely that Google alerts set up with your own name to tell you (and you alone) every time you mention anyone. It’s ok, you can admit it. Like many of us build our profile and online publishing digital content, see who else is talking about us being more than a voyeuristic thrill … Personal ROI are growing rapidly, and are related to your personal brand. I have many thoughts about personal branding, including something I plan to share soon that will be very useful for whatever you’re trying to build your personal brand.

In the meantime, you might want to check out a site called Addictomatic I just determined by Rollyo Dave – the site of a few years ago that offers the unique ability to “roll your own search engine”, that by offering a search in a selected subset of sites you can make. The Addictomatic is a simple meta search engine re-generate a set of questions from many online services. Important attract a lot of services with widgets together on the same page – and not technically difficult solution … But I like the way they have been positioned as a kind of court imposed a personal quest. If you want to see what a real buzz about you, visit the site and type in your name to see who is talking about you on Twitter, videos and pictures with your name tag, bookmark your content on and more. Ultimate seeking egomaniacs ego late … blogger.

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