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Virginia Schools To Teach Internet Safety

In an effort to prepare children and youth for potential foreign dangers on the Internet, Virginia was the first state to make Internet safety classes for all grade levels.

It is difficult that the first and thought all couples 49 eyes (assuming a set of eyes in each country, of course) to Virginia to see how teachers implement the program, the message is used, and the method is evaluated program.

According to the Virginia-based, the state attorney general warned a group of high school students by showing what the emerging social networking profile of a young woman of 15 years, but is actually A 31-year affair boy series currently serving a prison sentence of 45 years.

Half a century in prison can be good in Virginia, but down the branches of the river is considered castration as an option for dealing with people like that. It is fun to see who complains.

If not, it seems pretty clear that other states will follow Virginia educational goals, if not their exact penalty protocol. One day, internet safety classes such as ed normal driving and drug counseling, complete with a police state (and the attorney general today) tells the story of the most horrific they can draw from their pampiga lemon.

(In my day, after watching the video where the roll Pinocchio became disturbed by sniffing glue, the state police tell us destined for delinquency in the 10-year-old with stories nostrils and PCP-fueled rusty bare-knuckle prison-cell removing bricks. then had a kid getting his head broken …. This kind of makes you long for the days when the elders may try to scare Tale is not the truth.)

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What If Google Penguin accidentally killed Updates Web As We Know It?

Note: This article title may be a bit sensational, but do not ignore the “what if” part. I’m not suggesting I have some plot to kill the web. However, many companies rely on Google and people are panicking about backlinks. Some going so far to threaten legal action if the links are not removed. Links. If any legal action as it has resulted in the restriction of a link in any capacity, the web as we know can be put at risk. People are afraid to link. I do not think Google wants for such things to happen, but people do not always respond to things in the most rational way. I do not believe we’ll see a link banned or the update will kill the Penguin website. However, a reaction to Google’s penalty led to some pretty strong actions of some.

Google has said many times that he thought Penguin has become a successfully updated. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

PageRank and Web

WWW, as you know, stands for World Wide Web. Because they are associated with the link. Entire web sites link to each other, creating a way for users to click from page to page. Often the page on another site. This is the method that worked for years. Just think what would happen if the site is not free to link to each other. Web is broken, and users will suffer.

When Google launched its PageRank algorithm, it is a revolution in search. It seems to be a better way to search. Provides rhyme and reason for ranking search results. Now, Google uses over 200 signals to rank search results, which become more personal than ever before. PageRank is still important, but it is far from the only thing that matters.

However, the PageRank of a web link so much power to affect the visibility of web content. Now almost everyone on the web, everyone is struggling with their content viewed. Sometimes, you think: the more links either. More links can only lead to more of a chance people will see your content. Now, rather ironic, people are discovering that they have a link out there will lower their content. In some cases, they make it almost does not exist in Google, or at least to be buried, will also be gone.

Ordinary Time Out?

Google updates Penguin is a major wake up call to the webmaster about some sort of linking practices. These updates are designed to target violates Google’s quality guidelines that site. Along with these rules: “Do not participate in link schemes” and “Avoid hidden text or hidden links.”

Some guidelines Google is clear – obviously avoiding unethical practices. But in the scheme of relations department, things can get a little fuzzy. Just ask, who was hit by a penguin for some questionable link (pretty interesting, as it seems the benefits of the Google Panda update, which is designed to reward high quality sites).

Many webmasters taken in the forum and blogs to complain about Penguin updates, but Google has, more than on occasion, considered a successfully updated. We also see that come back around every so often, like its predecessor Panda.

Even before the Penguins, I sent a message to the webmaster ton remind them of questionable link. All of this is captured webmaster frenzy to clean up their profile link, and reduce the number of links Google considers poor quality, which may be expected to find their way back to contents visibility of Google search.

During Legal Action Link?

Some webmasters will even go so far threatened legal action against websites that link to them. Reference this, we have another article after Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable mention that it happened. Now, Greg Finn Search Engine Land pointed to specific examples where PSKL received a DMCA notice from LifeShield down, then writing a positive review.

Now, to be clear, this does not refer to the departure of DMCA notices on any content or use of content theft. It’s about the link. It threatened legal action. He said:

I ask you to remove them from the following site ( all links on the website soon.

To find a link, please do the following:

If it is an online directory of the website, use the search system directory to find the “LifeShield” link.
If there is a hidden link on the main page of the website source code, open the site and view the source code. Search for “” in the source code and find the hidden link.

He also said:

LifeShield, Inc.. Check legal action if the webmaster does not remove the reference links within 48 hours.

Jeremy on PSKL actually share the entire conversation in the issue, which does not include an apology, suggesting that PSKL not be on the list of sites that receive notifications. Jeremy, however, may issue a list of sites to receive notifications. Throughout the conversation, he announced LifeShield is a site that “lifeshield robe and generate additional links back to 700K” LifeShield unnoticed, and the “Google stepped in and slapped” them with punishment, which causes of layoffs in the company.

Jeremy responded, “So you’re saying that there went out and bought a 700K link back to you, knowing that your penalized by Google? So does that mean you have to (name of company) sent a DMCA notice 700K? Talk about throwing good money after bad. Linkspam to report spam team at Google, then spend the money on an SEO expert rather than trying to scare people with the threat. ‘

The response is actually longer than that, and includes metaphors extinguish a fire in the house with fertilizer, but it’s main core.

I recommend reading the whole post Jeremy. Quite interesting.

Is it a Go Where You?

He did make an important point in this: A party created a large number of backlinks to your site to generate the SEO (or, in this case, destroying SEO) is unethical. It is not illegal.

While many may not have a problem with being illegal practices, the idea that the law can intervene to connect in any way that could cause bigger problems. Just consider all of the f the gray area of ​​the law no fair use. Always have different interpretations, and may be dangerous.

For the record (granted, I’m a lawyer), I would not expect any legal action, as threatening the DMCA notice LifeShield to hold a lot of water in a court of law. Finn also shows two cases (Ford Motor Company v. 2600 Enterprises) and (Ticketmaster Corp. v., Inc..), Where the legality linking to win.

But even things like this should go to court, it is a huge inconvenience and legal fees paid. If the site is legitimate practice, the habit linking ethics stayed in, where does that leave the web?

Is this what connects to the World Wide Web will be? You need to worry about starting sued because you connect to a site, and the site may or may not find your site on a site enough to want a strong link from? You can get sued because your page is not a high PageRank and link juice is not enough to help you connect to a site in search engine visibility?

LifeShield webspam apparently targeting some very specific, but sending notices the full list of sites. The possibility that the LifeShield is not just panicing company and move on to action. It is a pity, for if some negative SEO company (not clear if it is from a competitor) has an effect on the business, such as Jeremy suggests, this is probably not the best way to try to resolve the issue.

Let’s Give Credit Multiple Google.

You can display the Google guidelines and update algorithms, which clearly caused some to think this way, but just the same, we can not be held entirely to blame for this kind of mentality is good. The company has said in the past that people should not be obsessed with PageRank, and it uses more than 200 signals to rank content. PageRank is not the only thing that matters. In fact, the company puts a list every month of the signal changes.

This shows the power of the people I hold very least. It shows how many businesses rely on Google as they go so far as to threaten a site just connected them with legal action.

Should legal action that will lead to success in the courts, which could mean bad news for the Web as we know it, and people will be afraid to link. I would think that spawn more problems on sites that do not get the credit (and possibly referral traffic) they deserve.

Do you think the Google rules and penalties may have an influence on legislation? Now that would be strength, and made more ironic, the fact that Google is constantly under surveillance themselves.

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Twitter Passes Tax Break San Francisco Committee

On Monday, we told you about the debate that took place in San Francisco on whether to extend the payroll tax break for new hires for the company vilified in some areas of the city. Proposals will be developed as a way to attract companies to locate in the San Francisco and as a way to keep the name of the big companies such as Twitter in the city. It seems the Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee passed a measure in full board. The proposal is almost a sure thing with a newer, more conservative council vote.

The first point of contention is to define the geographical boundaries of the proposed tax relief. Both economically depressed areas of the city that was originally included in the proposal Mid-Market and Tenderloin. As Mid-Market likely to stay on the whole, part of the Tenderloin can be removed from the law.

As the San Francisco Chronicle notes, provide tax relief area, you may have to start giving more:

Meanwhile, companies located in other parts of the city began to ask – and soon will be required – the proposed tax exemption extended to other parts of the city so, too can benefit and make a commitment to stay in San Francisco.

The second issue specific settled behind the so-called “Community Benefits Agreement.” It basically says that if you pay more than a million dollars, then you have to make some kind of commitment to help the community if you want your shiny tax break.

Chronicle reported that the tender proposal with Twitter will have them set aside $ 200K for local services such as janitors, committed to local charter 25% of new employees, donated used computers for the youth and the whole list of other things to help the community.

To the opponents of the law, “Community Benefits Agreement” must see around (God forgive me) putting lipstick on a pig. But even if you think the amount of tax breaks for corporate welfare, at least they tried to make it fun. On the other hand, proponents can boast that they not only keep the business in San Francisco, but soon they were helping people in the process.

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Zynga: 40-Year-Old New Moms Are Hardcore players

Manny Anekal, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising at SXSW talk a little now about storytelling through advertising, but stressed how great social game.

1 in 5 Americans played many games Zynga, he said, noting that the company is changing the landscape of the game, and increases the overall landscape of gaming experience. In other words, people do not always play as many games in the past, playing them now, thanks to titles like FarmVille and CityVille. Zynga CityVille, he said, has nearly one hundred million users.

Last year, Anekal says the average user played 68 minutes per day. It is based on a browser, but even cut the number in half, he said it was a “great,” even compared to broadcast television.

“More women are playing Farmville than watching Soap Opera,” he said.

40-year-old mother spents amount of time playing the game, and also costs the maximum amount of money, said Anekal.

“She is the new hardcore gamer,” he said.

55% of all social players in U.S. women, and 53% of Zynga players are women between 25 and 44.

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Reports 43 Percent Revenue Increase

Russian search company with little trouble fending off Google in his homeland also doing quite well financially. Now, Yandex announced financial results for 2010, and the company has seen amazing earnings rose 43 percent compared with 2009.

That puts Yandex revenues for 2010 to be approximately $ 410 million in total net enough. For some other achievements, the official announcement explains, “income from contextual advertising has grown 45% year-over-year.”

Also, the number of Yandex advertisers increased by more than 40% on a year-over-year, with a total of about 180,000 at the end.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, the Russian online advertising market overall has grown by 37 percent between 2009 and 2010, placing Yandex – which controls about 64 percent of the domestic market share Search – continuing the curve in almost every respect.

All LED Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, to state, “The highlight of the year 2010, as we see it, is that by continuing to improve our product quality we managed to increase our market share in search. The large increase revenue reporting year we are two important trends – the rise of the post-crisis small and medium enterprises and the shift of ad spending online advertising on other channels “

Last week, Volozh gave an interview stating that he thinks Google and Facebook will continue to trace a local company in Russia, too.

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