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Tiger Woods surpass Nicklaus at All-Time PGA win

With his victory at the AT & T National tournament at Congressional Country Club, Sunday, Tiger Woods Jack Nicklaus through all time wins list. That puts the 36-year-Woods in second place with 74 wins. He’s still behind Sam Snead, who squeeze 82 wins during his career.

The only difference is that Snead wins coming 30-year career, “Nicklaus came in a span of 25 years. Tiger only in year 17 in his career, and has a good chance to take the title of the winner of all time before he is through.

Tiger closed with a 2-under-par performance on Sunday, shot 69 on the final day of competition. Tigre 72 hole score of 8 under par, beating Bo Van pelt two strokes.

“We feel wonderful. Felt good to get 74 wins and obviously past Jack, “Woods said reporters during the trophy presentation. “I have had a pretty good career and do it at 36, I feel like I have many years take me. I feel like I have more leading me. ‘

Woods officially returned to the top of his game after winning three of his last seven starts. His last victory came from the Arnold Palmer invitational and the Memorial Tournament. Still it is four years since his last major victory, and he performed poorly at the Masters this year. But now he mairaranggo four in the world, and confident he gets his swing.

“I remember there was a time when people said that I can not win anymore. That, I think, what, four months ago and here we are, “he told AP. “It’s just a matter of time. I could see the pieces coming together. (Coach) Sean and I work, and we’ll see what happens, and we can see the parity, and it’s only a matter of time. ‘

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Wolfram Alpha Showing A Whole Lot Of Data Personalized Facebook

Wolfram Alpha has announced the launch of a new personal cool tools Facebook analysis. All you have to do is type “facebook report” on Wolfram Alpha. Simply click the button that says “Analyze my data on Facebook,” allows to access your data, and Dodge. Tons of private data on your Facebook universe.

At least that is what should work. For me, it’s time out. Maybe too many people trying to do it once.

From there, Wolfram will give you your birthday, age (in days), and your next birthday (month and how many days you have until the next one), my hometown broken down by geography, age distribution of your friends, when your birth, zodiac signs, and all sorts of things.

“When you type” ‘facebook account’, Wolfram

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Protesters Finally Gives Up Twitter Tweet It covers

The story of New York criminal court, Twitter, and # occupy protesters Malcolm Harris seems to come to a close, as Twitter has officially handed over the tweets that they are fighting to protect for months.

The story, which began with the arrest stemming from covering the protests on Wall Street, has a few twists and turns. Here’s a recap:

In October of 2011, Malcolm Harris was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after participating in a protest on the Brooklyn Bridge # OWS. In January 2012, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has sent subpoenas to Twitter, demanding the release of corporate users of information and recent tweets related to Harris. It came later when prosecutors want the old Harris’ (and now inaccesible) tweets to try to undermine his argument that the police led the protesters in Bridge and then arrested them for obstructing traffic.

A few days after receiving the subpoena, Twitter notified Harris (a common practice for social networking). Harris then decided to file a motion to dismiss the summons.

In a decision passed in April, Judge Matthew Sciarrino Jr. denied the motion Harris’ to cancel the subpoena. In short, the judge Forrester Harris “has no ownership interest” in his tweet. Actually, the Twitter tweets with you and therefore, even if your tweet is removed can be obtained without a warrant.

Less than a month after this decision, everyone is surprised to Twitter when they go to bat for Harris. File their own motion to cancel the letter of preliminary injunction, arguing that Harris actually have an ownership interest in Twitter is also cited Stored Communications Act, Amendement fourth and lesser-known Uniform Act Safe “to The topic of the content on Twitter. “presence of witnesses without the State Criminal proceedings. Heavy-hitting legal stuff from people on Twitter.

In July, the judge said no dice, and ordered Twitter to hand over the tweets. Appeal also went nowhere, and Twitter face on Friday, 14 September deadline to comply with the subpoena. If not, the company will face heavy fines.

And now, Reuters reported that Twitter tweets are met and transferred desired.

Malcolm Harris @ BigMeanInternet

So Twitter handed me a pile of tweets that will remain sealed pending trial on 21. Bummer.

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Malcolm Harris @ BigMeanInternet

@ Carlfranzen Not sure what Twitter is submitted, I just saw a huge pile of paper.

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The function (d, s, id)! {VAR

Good on you, Twitter, for going to bat for the right to privacy. Even failed war committed some disorderly conduct charge, it sets a precedent for Twitter (and other social) network is forced to give the user information on the whim of a court order. Tweet you do not really belong to you – remember that.

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The Last of Us Teaser Trailer Released

Game is a teaser trailer. They reveal little about the game to get players interested in testing or pre-order it.

So, what he said trends for gaming companies to release a teaser trailer for the upcoming trailer. Sure, THQ gameplay teaser trailer for Heroes Company may nod to the fans waiting the better part of a decade for the title. But now Naughty Dog released a trailer teaser trailer for an upcoming story for The Last of Us, the game, as promising as it looks, not yet established fan base.

The buzz about The Last of Us difficult, though. This game is one of the first Sony memorable titles during its E3 presentation. It is also one of the difficult E3 preview of trees broken bones, feces, and death. Game depicted violent despair in a way, very realistic disturbing that most games can not afford.

Almost everyone notices about the title so far range demo of the game where Joel and Ellie – protagonist of the game – to make their way past some groups in an abandoned hotel. Record TV Game of E3 style frontal assault from the gameplay, and later PAX Prime recording showed the same situation with a more hidden. New trailer, which was released on December 10, “the story trailer.” Hopefully it will reveal a bit about how the world is ending, and why there roving bands of angry people everywhere.

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With Google Wallet API? Here's Google's Newest Office Hours Hangout

Earlier this year, Google launched Google Wallet several new APIs. Since then, the company has been trying to educate developers on how best to take advantage of it.

It continues at Office recently uploaded to Google Developers hanging YouTube channel:

Google CEO Larry Page recently little discussion Wallet (among others) in an interview with Fortune. Here’s what he said about it:

I think it’s an area where we really made rapid progress actually. If you talk to users, they rave about it. We obviously want to get it to more people if we are allowed. I would like to see more cooperation in the region and in many parts of the industry.

Wallet In addition, we are not good at receiving payments worldwide. We have so many small advertisers. We also get to play very well with Android accept payments from users in many, many countries, wireless, carrier billing and all sorts of other forms of payment. We may have mis-understood capabilities there.

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