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Now you can View all Google DMCA Removal Request one more

I do a lot of work for copyright holders in the United States. Under the DMCA, Google must remove infringing links from search results. It used to not be such a bad job, but now the search giant received more than 12 million visits per month. All requests may be legitimate, right? A new tool from Google proved to be the case.

TorrentFreak reports that Google has quietly combines the transparency of the report details how many new features fake DMCA removal requests it receives from the copyright holder. Google details false claims to the newly updated FAQ:

Sometimes, we may receive inaccurate or unjustified removal of copyrighted request for search results are clearly not associated with the offending content. An independent third party analysis of how often violated and not exactly a request submitted was done in 2006.

Then I list a number of examples where the copyright holder filed a false DMCA request removal. Here are some of the better:

A U.S. organization that works on behalf of major movie studio reported a request removal movie reviews on websites of major newspapers twice.

An individual in the U.S. to request the removal of search results that link to the trial court refers to the first and last name on the ground that his name is copyrightable.

A driving school in the UK to request removal of competitors from the search site, on the basis that competitors have copied the alphabetical list of cities and regions in which instruction is offered.

None of these events fall under DMCA rules, and therefore Google will not delete it. That’s just an example, but I still receive a DMCA request deletion corner. Our own Web site,, based on two false demand removal in the hands of our AMC The Walking Dead season finale main 3. Of course, it does not violate the link associated with the streaming premiere own AMC.

The request removal imposed on our site, and others, most likely driven by the search for links mentioned AMC “The Walking Dead” and no thought put into the “free.” Suggests that there may be a legitimate source of free to watch episode. Surprisingly, no link has been removed at some of the links that offer unauthorized copies of The Walking Dead.

This latest offering from Google is used to make more transparent the process of removing the DMCA, but probably will not have an impact on the cost of issuing the request sent by the copyright holder. Current law does not enforce the effect for those who submit a removal request is wrong so there is no reason to hold the rights to use caution. If the law changes that have been made, it is almost certain that the cost of removal request will drop a few hundred thousand a month was in 2011.

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Companies launching Automattic

Automattic announced today the launch of the Company It costs $ 500 per site per month.

According to the company, you can measure your traffic with your content goes viral, and can be overcome. WordPress Network ‘does not appear in the 100s of millions of page views per day.

Offers with all of the features built-in VIP, including more than 70 plugins, including integrating with Flipboard, Chartbeat, Facebook, etc..

“To top it off, you also get our new Javascript customization service that allows you the flexibility to customize your site without having to touch the underlying PHP code. You can tweak and personalize to your heart’s content, “said Raanan Bar-Cohen Automattic that.

Automattic has worked with The Chef Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour, ESPN Digital and Print Products, Soleil Moon Frye and Press Crosby from JackThreads for the beta.

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Viewdini Verizon Android App tells you What's On Netflix

Mobile video is amazing, right? Kindly to watch Netflix, YouTube, and everything else all from the comfort of your phone. You know what’s better though? An application just put all services in one place, but limited to a single carrier. Fortunately, Verizon has made the application.

Verizon has partnered with to launch Viewdini. It is an application that promises to deliver the best video content on the Mobile Web. It’s just that all the videos from other people if it’s Netflix or Hulu. The best part is that it is only available to Verizon customers.

In all reality, Viewdini just glorified video search function. He did not offer its own video hosting. It only serves to point users in the direction where they can gain access to the video said. The only thing that really has going for it is that it is supported by Basically, you get ads for video streaming services with information that can be easily found on Wikipedia.

To be fair, there is value in consolidation. Very happy to find and locate the video streaming service, with a video all from one place. Integration with also gives you immediate access to information for specific TV shows directly from the app.

Viewdini availability to individual users. Is Android need help users to find where they can access all their favorite video content? It necessary to remind you how wonderful (and expensive) Verizon 4G network?

However, it is a great gesture for Verizon customers. I unfortunately AT & T so I stayed in separate navigate all the different video applications. In such diseases. If my provider just given an application that helps even lazy lazy activities.

If you feel compelled to download and use Viewdini, it is available for download on Android Market today. For kicks, I tried to download the Viewdini my HTC Inspire 4G. They were not kidding about shit “Only for Verizon customers.” I feel like Google Play and Verizon are now silently mocking me to AT & T.

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Twitter Or Facebook: Who has a sexy (And More sexed) User?

More social media sites can show if you have some results section for Valentine’s Day yesterday, according to a new survey from Euro RSCG. Poll, digital agencies each year, found that Twitter brings people looking for exciting sex adventure and romance, or, more precisely, their social Indiana Jones likely to be attracted to Twitter more than Facebook. However you look at it, though, one thing is certain: Twitter has more meat than the Greek fest.

Some random highlights:

40% of Twitter users everyday describe themselves as “sexy,” while as only 28% of users on Facebook everyday saying the same thing.

21% of Twitterers’ fears that their sexual fantasies and behavior is not normal, “only 14% of Facebookers feel the same way.

Tweeter sex more often than Facebook users (55% vs. 46%)

More people on Twitter choose sex love.

Why Twitter has become den of debauchery is beyond me, but why ask why when you can do. True? If you want to see what Twitterers are saying about the big shows that this group of amateur sex machine, follow the trend in # DigitalLove to see what people say.

Find more glorious results of a survey in which Euro RSCG inforgraphic together.

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