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This robot crying in the Shopping Cart Not Suitable for bedtime

Ok, I know that people often make jokes about statements robot. Almost every robot advances presented to the world led to at least some “oh, good, look what they’re doing now” response. I am guilty of this as the next person.

This robot scared the sh * t I. But not because I think with the mind of world domination mind almost live (in fact, I suspect this blathering idiot robots even allowed in the army of robot rebellion). That is because HOLY HELL JUST WHAT I Live.

It is, screaming crying, moaning robot monkey around in the most terrifying natural as you can imagine. Apparently this nightmare called Machine, and I can not argue with the moniker a bit. Check it out below:

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Wii U Pre-Orders Sell Out In A Few now

Apple set all kinds of sales records last week when the latest iPhone sold in less than an hour. The Apple faithful again proved their strength as some of the largest consumer group in the country. While not amazing, Kyoto-based company also sold some stock early pre-order this weekend.

Retailers across the country have started taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii U Thursday. By Friday afternoon, many retailers sold through their initial distribution of the deluxe edition of the console, which retails for $ 349.99 and a copy of Nintendo Land. $ 299.99 The basic model is still available in some stores, but be quick.

GameStop is the first to go stock a range of deluxe. We discuss the GameStop employees said they received an email on Friday telling them to stop taking pre-order the deluxe set. The basic set is still available, but you should contact your local GameStop before traveling. GameStop website lists both the console SKU drain.

Other major retailers such as Best Buy sold both deluxe and basic model. This can be seen on their website, and it is unlikely that they will get more stock before the launch. Also other major retailers such as Toys R Us, Target and Sears sold a high expected console. Unfortunately, the Amazon is not taking pre-orders at this time.

Sell ​​from the initial stock may look good now, but hard to tell if this is an indication of the overall health U Wii. Nintendo may deliberately limit the stock to create the illusion of scarcity. The console sold in a matter of days certainly makes it seem like something everyone should have for the holiday season. We also do not know if pre-orders are coming from Nintendo devoted substantial or casual players that made the Wii successful as the original.

Either way, now is the time to get pre-orders for the Wii U. Be missed in the deluxe if you have not pre-order now, but there are still many retailers base set available. Among the foundation, you only lose the increased storage space and free games. It’s not that big of a loss.

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Wii U Launch Delayed For Europe, pushing Back To December

Nintendo has had a problem with manufacturing and soon push the release date of the upcoming Wii U console in Europe. According to Computer and Video Games (CVG) report, Europe see the launch of the console in early December, not the original date of late November launch.

CVG cites “people familiar with the situation,” which reveals that delays caused by manufacturing new Wii U gamepad. Final design for the Wii U gamepad revealed again in June. CVG source stated that the delay only for Europe because Nintendo wanted to release a new console in the United States before Thanksgiving (and Black Friday probably). Nintendo did not make an official statement on the matter.

Delays are usually creating a new console at launch. Nintendo Wii Console original hard to find in stores throughout the United States for months after launch. Nintendo manufacturing process is not fast enough to keep up with consumer demand for the console. Players can only hope that the delay of the Wii U will improve the overall quality of the final product.

Nintendo’s new console Wii U is the first of the next generation console. Console Aging and outcome of the game began with a flood toll in the gaming industry. Market research firm NPD just announced that retail sales of video games fell 20% compared to July 2011. Microsoft job posting this week suggests that generation Xbox console will be released in the next 18 months, and Sony will definitely have a PlayStation 4 within the same time frame.

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Wii U Delayed by TVii Services, Launch In December

The gaming console is not just for games. Nintendo finally starting to realize this, and created TVii to show that it is not behind the curve in providing unique entertainment options for the consumer. It was originally scheduled to begin this Sunday in the console, but Nintendo has quietly shelved at the last minute.

In a press release for the launch of the common U Wii, Nintendo slipped into a bit of TVii:

Nintendo TVii: In December, Nintendo will enable unique applications that change the way people find, watch and interact with TV shows, movies and sports. Nintendo TVii makes watching TV a simple and fun by bringing the program guide, remote control and social interaction in one, the best experience of both gamepad screen. Nintendo Wii U TVii have no extra charge and requires no additional equipment. Works with existing cable and satellite channels. You engage the viewer with others in a variety of ways, such as commenting on the moments as they happen live on TV, and then share your thoughts with Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also learn more about what they are watching information from different sources is automatically associated with the program they are watching, including sports data. Nintendo TVii customized for each family member.

All of this information is the same as before, but now says that the service will launch in December. The company does not specify when exactly TVii will launch in December, but we at least see a few weeks without having to live Tweet minds during a TV show.

Because the relationship TVii with other services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, be noted that services were delayed as well. All of the above is included in an update to the system is planned for December. DLC for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Darksiders II will have to wait for an update to the system in December.

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