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Details and photos Standalone release Dayz

Dayz designer Dean “Rocket” Hall was quoted last year as saying the standalone version of the popular zombie survival mod for ARMA II before the end of 2012. It was obviously not panned out, and now the rockets take Dayz development tumblr blog to show exactly why the game has not been released, showing off some of the texture on the screen, and teasing the players in what they can expect in the future. From the post:

Simply put, Standalone dayz are not here because we have the chance to mod the game away from making a little better, just packaged and sold – the actual engine rebuilding and making the game the way we all once dreamed of becoming. It blew our initial plan dictated pieces.

Rocket went on to say that the trial closed for about 500 to 1,000 people are released “soon.” After architecture debugged the developers will have a better idea when the title is released.

The change of the mod, fans will be very happy to know that the inventory system gets a complete overhaul, saying the rocket She stated “fundamentally change Dayz experience.” That was inspired by Minecraft developer “UI is simple and effective, rather than flashy and complex” ; In addition, items can now be broken down:

You scavenge for items at this time, as part of the individual, calling part of the pile, looking for cans on a shelf or under the bed. The new system opens the door for the durability of the item, tracking diseases (cholera players have their own long underwear …), the battery, the addon, and more. If you shoot the player in the head to take her eyes at night, you will ruin night vision. Changes in inventory system is very large.

Advances in art assets will come and look at the pictures that accompany this article. Advances in Chernarus map revision, however, has been slowed by the fact that the principal designer of the map is currently in prison on charges of espionage Greece.

Despite all the delays, it is a given that fans would rather have a full game rather than rushing. The explosion of customer service Warz show, honesty, and quality all the more important to developers than push the game immediately.

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Congratulations to the people, we, Aore winning the Battle Against Spam

You ever noticed that you, Äôve received an email less about cheap, offshore financial opportunities and penis enlargement pills? No, the spammer haven, AOT just decided to leave you alone. What, Aore see a reduction in spam email in general, all over the world.

Kaspersky Lab is a new chart detailing something that we should all be happy to see: we, Aore winning the war against spam. Better technology, better filters, more precise and population helps to eliminate spam from the inbox messages around the world.

In 2008, spam accounted for over 90% of all email traffic, all over the world. Think about it for just a second. That, AOS much spam. Since then, spam rejection (with some exceptions). Part spam actually declined since mid-2011, though.

Their latest report from the end of 2012 show that spam now accounts for 67% of all global email traffic. Two-thirds may still seem like a lot, but it represents a significant reduction from what it was just four years ago.

Of course, email ISN, AOT just a spammer life. The emergence of the social web has created a new breed of all ground for spammers. A recent study showed that up to 40% of all social media accounts around the world created by spam in mind.

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Cop Left Kids In Hot Car To Die, the Prosecutors Say

A police officer accused of killing 20-year-old girl in the summer of 2011 has been accused of leaving their children to die in a hot car.

Richmond Phillips, who works for the DC police, began to court today with prosecutors accusing him fired accidentally left Wynetta Wright and Jaylin 1-year his carseat with the doors closed and windows combined due to misunderstanding to pay support the child. Despite the evidence against him was circumstantial, the prosecution found that he knew what he was doing, especially after all the stories in the news in recent years about the dangers of leaving children in the car during hot weather.

Stories of children left in hot cars tend to hit the national news today after the tragic death of a baby so much, here in Kentucky, the death of a baby’s hand caregiver sloppy form “Bryan Law”, if which carries a harsher sentence for adults who leave children unattended in the car.

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Sun Developer release from prison Greece

Czech media reported that Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar released on bail and allowed to return to their homes in the Czech Republic. A video game developer jailed in Greece since September 2012 on charges of espionage. Both are on holiday in Greece and was arrested for allegedly photographing military installations on the Greek island Lemnos.

Developers have to pay 5,000 euros each for bail. The report states that the family of Martin Buchta and willing to pay cash. It does not end the case in court, however. Judge Greeks strike, and the Greek justice system in shambles, so the case is not officially complete.

Developers employed by Bohemia Interactive, the developer of the series Arma Buchta and Pezlar. Arma 2 has become one of the best-selling PC game in 2012 when it released a mod for a game called dayz. Z Day huge sandbox maps where players must survive during a zombie outbreak from taking food and supplies and to avoid, kill, or cooperate with other players.

A standalone version of Sun Z is currently being developed by Bohemia, but was delayed. One reason for the delay Buchta principal designer of the map used in the Sun Z. His release may mean developing independently to accelerate.

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Chelsea Handler told Matt Lauer To Lay Off

Chelsea Handler is known for its tart humor, and do not appreciate much about that he could hurt her joke, so when he was warned to watch what he says about a person, so maybe it will just make I want him to talk about it more.

Although he had no comment on the rumor, spread the word that he and his writers warned by Comcast executive withdrawn from Lauer / Ann Curry Matt joke because they do not want the extra attention drawn to the situation. Comcast has both NBC and E!.

Although the E! be denied that such requests are dropped from bosses, sources say it’s true and centers throughout Curry controversial way to the left “Today”, when rumors swirled that it was because Matt Lauer like him to go.

“The author Chelsea threatened to dismiss Matt,” the source told NY Post, “They do not want them to make more fun of Matt and Ann Curry situation.”

The order came after suspected Handler made jokes based on the recent identification of Al Roker that she has soiled himself while visiting the White House.

“This is not the first time the news about the sensitive subject of the cast members out of NOW,” says Handler. “Over the years, it is no secret that Matt Lauer spent the morning s *** ting all over Ann Curry.”

Curry said that NBC begged producers to let him out of his contract stating that he could appear on other news outlets over the past two years (after his termination). Words, he was offered a high-profile gig on CNN.

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