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JC Penney wrong price, says store

It is an attractive smart way to do business, but getting the client head and make them think you have a better deal than you really have something retailers decade. Instead of putting a fixed price on an item, they will install the original price boosted twice what is actually sold and the selling price. Looking cute top for $ 40 more than the court when he was marked at $ 15 or $ 20, right?

Retailers hope you believe, and practice is called “anchoring” their perception of the value of goods should be. Look sharp for half or less than half of the media are more likely to buy, even though you may not need it, and the current economic crisis, the customer is the last thing you want to do.

The tackle shop what their customers want, however, and JC Penney is one of them. Part of a new system-wide improvements include the price of the item rather than the actual “price per day”, it did not fall in weekly sales. Instead, make a sales workshop in a few items, and the first and third Friday each month liquidation. Each element has a new label to keep clients simplified initial confusion, which includes determining the amount of money rather than ending flat 0.99.

JC Penney saw a sharp drop in sales last month compared to its competitors, and Ron Johnson, CEO, admitted that he knew why.

“Our stores are tired, are not updated,” he said. “So customers ignored us 99 percent of the time. At some point, you, as a brand, look desperate if you have to market. “

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