Free Online Typing Lessons and Typing Test for Beginners


Having an excellent typing skill will make your resume more valuable. If you are not good in this skill, you had better do something about it. One of the easiest ways to improve your typing skill is by learning typing tips and tricks. There are some websites that provide you with lessons on typing for beginners. This lesson is perfect for you who want to learn to master this skill on your own. It is also perfect for you who never get typing lesson before.

Typing lessons for beginners

In order to master typing skill, you must have typing lessons for beginners first. These lessons are easy to follow because it is designed for beginners. In those lessons, you will find basic tips and tricks in typing. One of them is the touch typing method. In Norwegian, this method is known as touch metoden. This typing method will help you to type without looking at the keyboard. Using this method means that you place your specific fingers on certain keys. Each of your fingers must be used for pressing the same keys all the time.

Practicing the touch typing method may be a bit difficult in the beginning. You will likely to press the wrong keys from time to time. However, once you are get use to it, you will be able to type smoothly without looking at the keyboards. With practice, you will be able to type fast without making any mistakes.

In order to help you type more effectively, those lessons also teaches you on how to have the right posture while typing. This posture does not only help you to type with more comfort. It also helps you to avoid neck and shoulder pain after typing for hours.

Typing test

You are considered as a good typist if you can type fast without any typos. To find out the speed of your typing, you must carry out typing test for beginners. With this test, you can monitor the progress of your typing lessons. In addition, it also helps you to find out how much your typing skill has improved. If you don’t see much improvement on your skill, it may indicate that you do not have enough practice.

Some of you may not know about how to perform this particular test. To do it, you must first log on to a website that offers you with typing test. You don’t need to worry about the cost of this test. A certain typing lessons website offers you with free speed typing tests. Once you performed the test, you will find out your word count per minute.

Some of you may not get satisfying result at first. The key of achieving success in performing this test is practice. You need to log on to the typing lesson website several times a week and follow the trainings. If you are not willing in following the tutorials frequently and regularly, you will not be able to have excellent type speed. With these typing lessons, you are expected to be able to type 45 words/minute at the end of the lessons.