A gas calculator is used to estimate fuel cost according to the distance you have traveled in your trip. A gas calculator will also calculate for you the fuel efficiency of a vehicle and the price of gas using various units.  For people who are beginners in driving it is important for them to use a fuel calculator. This is because not many of them know how much fuel is needed for a certain distance and so it’s better to have something that can help you in your decisions when you want to fuel your car. If you are interested in a fuel calculator, get a custom calculator for website by

Estimating the Fuel Cost for a Trip

If you want to estimate the gas cost for your tip you need first to know the trip distance, the car’s fuel consumption and the average per liter cost of fuel. The process will include the following steps; first, you will need to divide the total distance by 100, then multiply the result by the fuel consumption and finally you will multiply the result by the cost of fuel per liter.


Step 1.  800km divided by 100 = 8.00

Step 2.  8.00 multiplied by 10(liters per 100km) = 80.00

Step 3. 80.00 multiplied by $1.50 (per Liter) = $120.

By doing this, you will need to substitute the figures that relate to your trip and your car. This is the long process of finding how much you should spend on your fuel consumption. This process may not be familiar to many people who don’t know their vehicles fuel consumption. Thanks to technology you can now use a gas calculator that can help you when you need to calculate gas for your vehicle. A gas calculator is usually a widget which you will find on a specified website. The widget is an application that is capable of being embedded into third party sites by users of a page that have specific rights of authorship.

How much Gas will I use?

A gas calculator has been developed in such a way that it mimics the manual process of estimating how much gas one will need to travel. The gas calculator widget operates on the following premise:

  1.    You will first determine the distance that you are about to travel. Let’s say 800km.
  2.    Get to know the fuel economy. Let’s use 10l/100km.
  3.    To know how much gas, you will use in total, you have to divide the distance by 100. Therefore; 800/100= 8.0 you then have to multiply your combustion which is 10: 8.00*10 = 80.00 Now you know that you will use 80l of fuel.

We may want to take this step further and find out how much the trip will cost us:

  1.    We will have to determine the price of the fuel let’s say € 4.13/L
  2.    For us to get the total price we will have to multiply the total amount of gas we will use by its price, so: 80.00* $4.13/L= € 330.4.

Using a gas calculator is good because you will have no mistakes in calculating how much you need to spend on gas. If you are interested, you may have a custom calculator for website by They offer good gas calculator widgets.