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Wii U Launch Delayed For Europe, pushing Back To December

Nintendo has had a problem with manufacturing and soon push the release date of the upcoming Wii U console in Europe. According to Computer and Video Games (CVG) report, Europe see the launch of the console in early December, not the original date of late November launch.

CVG cites “people familiar with the situation,” which reveals that delays caused by manufacturing new Wii U gamepad. Final design for the Wii U gamepad revealed again in June. CVG source stated that the delay only for Europe because Nintendo wanted to release a new console in the United States before Thanksgiving (and Black Friday probably). Nintendo did not make an official statement on the matter.

Delays are usually creating a new console at launch. Nintendo Wii Console original hard to find in stores throughout the United States for months after launch. Nintendo manufacturing process is not fast enough to keep up with consumer demand for the console. Players can only hope that the delay of the Wii U will improve the overall quality of the final product.

Nintendo’s new console Wii U is the first of the next generation console. Console Aging and outcome of the game began with a flood toll in the gaming industry. Market research firm NPD just announced that retail sales of video games fell 20% compared to July 2011. Microsoft job posting this week suggests that generation Xbox console will be released in the next 18 months, and Sony will definitely have a PlayStation 4 within the same time frame.

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Wii U Delayed by TVii Services, Launch In December

The gaming console is not just for games. Nintendo finally starting to realize this, and created TVii to show that it is not behind the curve in providing unique entertainment options for the consumer. It was originally scheduled to begin this Sunday in the console, but Nintendo has quietly shelved at the last minute.

In a press release for the launch of the common U Wii, Nintendo slipped into a bit of TVii:

Nintendo TVii: In December, Nintendo will enable unique applications that change the way people find, watch and interact with TV shows, movies and sports. Nintendo TVii makes watching TV a simple and fun by bringing the program guide, remote control and social interaction in one, the best experience of both gamepad screen. Nintendo Wii U TVii have no extra charge and requires no additional equipment. Works with existing cable and satellite channels. You engage the viewer with others in a variety of ways, such as commenting on the moments as they happen live on TV, and then share your thoughts with Miiverse, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also learn more about what they are watching information from different sources is automatically associated with the program they are watching, including sports data. Nintendo TVii customized for each family member.

All of this information is the same as before, but now says that the service will launch in December. The company does not specify when exactly TVii will launch in December, but we at least see a few weeks without having to live Tweet minds during a TV show.

Because the relationship TVii with other services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, be noted that services were delayed as well. All of the above is included in an update to the system is planned for December. DLC for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Darksiders II will have to wait for an update to the system in December.

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The Last of Us Teaser Trailer Released

Game is a teaser trailer. They reveal little about the game to get players interested in testing or pre-order it.

So, what he said trends for gaming companies to release a teaser trailer for the upcoming trailer. Sure, THQ gameplay teaser trailer for Heroes Company may nod to the fans waiting the better part of a decade for the title. But now Naughty Dog released a trailer teaser trailer for an upcoming story for The Last of Us, the game, as promising as it looks, not yet established fan base.

The buzz about The Last of Us difficult, though. This game is one of the first Sony memorable titles during its E3 presentation. It is also one of the difficult E3 preview of trees broken bones, feces, and death. Game depicted violent despair in a way, very realistic disturbing that most games can not afford.

Almost everyone notices about the title so far range demo of the game where Joel and Ellie – protagonist of the game – to make their way past some groups in an abandoned hotel. Record TV Game of E3 style frontal assault from the gameplay, and later PAX Prime recording showed the same situation with a more hidden. New trailer, which was released on December 10, “the story trailer.” Hopefully it will reveal a bit about how the world is ending, and why there roving bands of angry people everywhere.

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Vimeo App for Launching New Xbox 360 Live Gold Member

Vimeo now on Xbox 360. The company recently announced the all new Vimeo app for Xbox LIVE that you can download and enjoy right now, considering that Xbox LIVE Gold account.

Screen new video on Vimeo for Xbox application including description, credits, and related videos. Log in users can like and share the video and follow the user from within the application.

Oh yeah, and Vimeo HD video in HD. Which is one of the main reasons that you want Vimeo app on your console – so good you Vimeo.

Here are some other cool thing about Vimeo new Xbox 360 apps, according to Vimeo:

Vimeo in HD on a giant TV: You know, the way you watch all the others.

Continuous play: Turn on your feed, Watch Later queue, or your favorite album and then wonder where the three hours away. Or make a party album to play in the background while the next soiree.

Sound and motion control Kinect for Xbox 360: Xbox Say what you want, because it is your friend. Perhaps you soon to control your mind Vimeo. *

Connect your Xbox Live account on Vimeo: See Xbox Live friends ‘activity’ and still go to Vimeo every time you’re on Xbox Live.

For Xbox users, their selection of streaming video is growing rapidly. They now have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Vimeo, and more on their hands.

Late last month, Vimeo launched an iPhone app completely redesigned for faster brings better navigation and upload the background of the video.

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Zynga: 40-Year-Old New Moms Are Hardcore players

Manny Anekal, Zynga’s Director of Brand Advertising at SXSW talk a little now about storytelling through advertising, but stressed how great social game.

1 in 5 Americans played many games Zynga, he said, noting that the company is changing the landscape of the game, and increases the overall landscape of gaming experience. In other words, people do not always play as many games in the past, playing them now, thanks to titles like FarmVille and CityVille. Zynga CityVille, he said, has nearly one hundred million users.

Last year, Anekal says the average user played 68 minutes per day. It is based on a browser, but even cut the number in half, he said it was a “great,” even compared to broadcast television.

“More women are playing Farmville than watching Soap Opera,” he said.

40-year-old mother spents amount of time playing the game, and also costs the maximum amount of money, said Anekal.

“She is the new hardcore gamer,” he said.

55% of all social players in U.S. women, and 53% of Zynga players are women between 25 and 44.

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