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Climate Change Threat Amazon Rainforest, NASA says

A NASA-Led Study has shown that parts of the Amazon rainforest twice the size of California is still suffering from a “megadrought” began in 2005. Cited researchers and damage from recurrent droughts in the Amazon over the past decade as evidence that the rainforest could face “substantial degradation due to climate change.”

The study looked at satellite microwave radar, data 2000-2009 raindrops the size of the tropical rain Telescope Measuring Mission, and water content of the rainforest canopy of Seawinds scatterometer on NASA’s QuikScat satellite.

During the summer of 2005, more than 270,000 square miles of old growth forests in the Amazon have “extensive, severe drought.” It megadrought cause changes in the forest canopy, including the possibility of branch dieback and tree falls. Although precipitation levels recover after years of drought, many forest canopy damage remained until the next drought in 2010.

“The biggest surprise to us that the effect proved to persist for many years after the drought in 2005,” said Yadvinder Malhi, co-author of the study at the University of Oxford. “We hope the forest canopy to bounce back after a year with a flush of new leaf growth, but the damage seems to last until the next drought in 2010.”

This study shows that about 30% of the total forest area in the Amazon basin are affected by drought in 2005. Nearly half of all Amazon forest affected by the drought of 2010. Dryness in the abnormally high during the last decade. Research has shown that rainfall in the southern Amazon rainforest fell by almost 3.2% from 1970 to 1998.

Malhi and his colleagues due to the recent Amazon droughts in the long-term warming of tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures.

“As a result, the same phenomenon of climate that helped to form hurricanes Katrina and Rita along the coast of the southern United States in 2005 was also likely caused by a severe drought in southwestern Amazonia,” said Sassan Saatchi, research leader at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). “An extreme climate events caused by drought, followed by Amazon tree damage.

“Our results indicate that the drought will continue five to 10 years the gap or increase in frequency due to climate change, large areas of the Amazon rainforest may be impacted by repeated drought and a slow recovery according forests. This will be the structure and function of the ecosystem of the Amazon rain forest. ‘

(Image courtesy of NASA / JPL-Caltech)

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This robot crying in the Shopping Cart Not Suitable for bedtime

Ok, I know that people often make jokes about statements robot. Almost every robot advances presented to the world led to at least some “oh, good, look what they’re doing now” response. I am guilty of this as the next person.

This robot scared the sh * t I. But not because I think with the mind of world domination mind almost live (in fact, I suspect this blathering idiot robots even allowed in the army of robot rebellion). That is because HOLY HELL JUST WHAT I Live.

It is, screaming crying, moaning robot monkey around in the most terrifying natural as you can imagine. Apparently this nightmare called Machine, and I can not argue with the moniker a bit. Check it out below:

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Do A Google Panda Update Data Refresh nine days ago

Remember about a week and a half ago when there should refresh Panda is the next week or more? It turns out that it was the next day, so if you’re still waiting for it, you can get without damage.

Search Engine Land reported that Google will confirm the refresh occurred on November 21, and affects 0.8% of the English question “to a degree that a regular user can see”.

The second known data refreshing Panda update in November, one after around November 5.

We’re now at the end of November, heading into December, which means that there are now two full months that Google has not released a list of “highlights the quality of search” and change the algorithm. Lately, they made two months at a time, so we can probably expect the updated list soon. Then, we can look at other types of changes Google is focused on.

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Reports 43 Percent Revenue Increase

Russian search company with little trouble fending off Google in his homeland also doing quite well financially. Now, Yandex announced financial results for 2010, and the company has seen amazing earnings rose 43 percent compared with 2009.

That puts Yandex revenues for 2010 to be approximately $ 410 million in total net enough. For some other achievements, the official announcement explains, “income from contextual advertising has grown 45% year-over-year.”

Also, the number of Yandex advertisers increased by more than 40% on a year-over-year, with a total of about 180,000 at the end.

Meanwhile, according to the Russian Association of Communication Agencies, the Russian online advertising market overall has grown by 37 percent between 2009 and 2010, placing Yandex – which controls about 64 percent of the domestic market share Search – continuing the curve in almost every respect.

All LED Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, to state, “The highlight of the year 2010, as we see it, is that by continuing to improve our product quality we managed to increase our market share in search. The large increase revenue reporting year we are two important trends – the rise of the post-crisis small and medium enterprises and the shift of ad spending online advertising on other channels “

Last week, Volozh gave an interview stating that he thinks Google and Facebook will continue to trace a local company in Russia, too.

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British yokels In Social Networks, Online Shopping

Discover CEO of online retailer and social networking start acting friendly towards the simplest form of the UK: the new Hitwise data shows that people living in rural areas tend to be out of town people to participate in the Second category.

Hitwise Data Online Shopping (Photo Credit: Hitwise)

For four weeks, Robin Goad look at how many of the Internet users in specific geographic zones go on some sites. He reported, “London is the most likely to visit an online store, as the most over-indexed category in Wales and the South West.”

Goad then continued, “A similar picture also emerged when it comes to social networking …. London was again the most under-represented regions, while Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland in all represented. ‘

The statistics contradict what most people might think, the urban population had setting technology trends. And if anyone really wants to argue, there is a possibility that the stereotypes hold true outside the UK, and even in some of the things in it. However, people seem to be living outside the major cities have become very comfortable with social networking and shopping sites.

In the ongoing fight for users, Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and should consider advertising as possible.

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